More Mobile Apps Focusing on Alzheimer’s Tests and Treatments

More Mobile Apps Focusing on Alzheimer’s Tests and TreatmentsWith an estimated 5 million Americans struggling with Alzheimer’s today, the disease is now the sixth-leading cause of death in the U.S.

Not surprisingly, the medical and mobile technology worlds are uniting to put the power of mHealth to work in the testing and treating of this devastating disease.

To that end, brain games developer Acuity Games has just announced the creation of Acuity Games:Total Recall, the 11th game in their line-up of brain health assessment-based brain games.

Total Recall was inspired by the MMSE (mini mental-state examination) question that requires patients to repeat a list of three objects and recall them later. Total Recall allows players to choose: the objects categories to recall, the number of objects to recall, and the length of time prior to recalling the objects.

“The biggest problem with the MMSE is that is given too late, usually when there is a potential diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease,” said Dan Hansen, the founder of Acuity Games. “We need to start measuring our brain health much earlier, when we can take effective action to prevent Alzheimer’s and other dementias.”

“To prevent the expected tripling of dementia cases by 2050 we need to begin improving our brain health now, and the best way to improve is to measure,” he concluded.

The company says its newest app provides brain health assessment that can help improve the brain health results of lifestyle choices, helping to prevent dementia.

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