More People Willing to Share Private Health Information Online

More People Willing to Share Private Health Information OnlineRecent studies have revealed that more than 90% of people on social networks would be willing to discuss even serious health concerns with doctors over social media, especially if they were able to remain completely anonymous throughout the exchange. These findings highlight an exciting trend in the field of healthcare, namely, that people are actually opening up to the idea of using new technology and methods of communication to improve the healthcare industry.

The same number of people that would be willing to anonymously share their health information also said that they believed the information they shared would be useful to researchers, who are looking for meta data about a disease or to ascertain how effective certain treatments are.

Though there is a certain amount of enthusiasm about this possibility of this avenue, there are still some serious concerns expressed by the same people who said they would be willing to share their information.

Of the total respondents to the study, about 75% said they were afraid that their personal information gathered through social media would be used without permission. A large portion of those individuals admitted to being afraid that such information getting out might be used to deny them insurance coverage or job offers.

Doctors, however, are excited about the possibility of collecting data over social media and have already begun to use these platforms to connect with one another and discuss diseases and treatments.

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