MyOncoPath Brings Telemedicine to Cancer Treatment Plans

MHW learned today that MyOncoPath, a new telemedicine clinic specializing in personalized medicine for cancer patients, announced they have begun seeing patients and partnering with medical practices nationwide.

If you’re not familiar, MyOncoPath bridges the gap between the millions of cancer patients in the U.S., and genetic counselors specializing in cancer genomics, via its telemedicine clinic, and provides genetic testing recommendations to help providers identify personalized treatment plans.

The field of personalized medicine is progressing rapidly in cancer treatment with new therapeutic agents being tailored to attack an individual’s tumor based on the tumor’s unique genetic makeup, allowing for better targeting and reduced chemotoxicity.

MyOncoPath supports treatment providers, cancer patients, and their family members with a full spectrum of both hereditary and somatic genetic testing, including molecular profiling (or tumor profiling), liquid biopsies, knowledge of clinical trials and new immunotherapies, with various laboratory partners.

“MyOncoPath was formed to help improve clinical outcomes for cancer patients immediately. Personalized medicine is available today for patients and providers through genetic testing and diagnostics. The challenge is that most cancer patients and providers aren’t getting access to medical genetics professionals and the relevant testing to personalize medicine today and improve clinical outcomes. The MyOncoPath team is ready to help identify, recommend and interpret genetic tests that can lead to a personalized treatment plan and or promising clinical trials.”

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