New App Aims To Provide Life-Saving CPR Before First Responders Arrive

New App Aims To Provide Life-Saving CPR Before First Responders ArriveWhen a person has a heart attack, friends and family are often left feeling helpless while they wait for first responders to arrive. Since only a small percentage of the population is trained in CPR, even those who desperately want to help simply don’t know where to begin. It is for this reason that researchers in Sweden created the SMS Lifesavers app.

SMS Lifesavers is designed to locate local CPR trained volunteers in the near vicinity, who are able to immediately come to the aid of the victim. The app, Uncover California reports, utilizes GPS to identify volunteers, all of whom are trained in CPR, but are not necessarily medical professionals.

During the study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, the app increased volunteers providing CPR for victims of heart attack by 30%. On top of that the 30 day survival rate for those who suffered heart attacks, went from 4% to 10%.

The app currently has around 10,000 CPR trained volunteers, meaning that the average volunteer is only one third of a mile away from the person in need of CPR.

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