New App Aims to Revolutionize Personal Training

This week at the IDEA World Fitness Convention in Las Vegas, Jotega LLC is launching their highly anticipated Trainer Network app.

“Apps have helped changed the face of the health and fitness industry in recent years,” those behind the new offering tell us. “However, despite the advancements, there is still a gap between personal trainers and their clients. Trainer Network aims to change that and modernize personal training.”

The CEO of Jotega LLC explained why they have chosen to launch their app at IDEA World: “IDEA World is a giant platform for fitness companies. It provides an excellent launch pad we, as a company, need to kick start our apps. With tens of thousands of fitness professionals in one place; we hope to use IDEA World as the ultimate proving ground to gauge the effectiveness, value, and interest level of our apps.”

Until now, a personal training session was the only real point of contact for many trainers and their clients. Trainers would do their best to impart as much knowledge as possible in a single session, supplemented with take-home materials for the client. In-between sessions, clients would have to rely on their memory and the materials given to them with no real-time feedback. This is an inefficient way to try and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Now, using the Trainer Network app, clients can immediately log their meals, nutrition, stats, measurements, and progress photos in one app for their trainer to see in real time, a provided release explains.

“Trainer Network is a referral-based app. There is no fee for the trainers while clients only pay a small fee in order to gain access to the amazing features that can help them achieve their health and fitness goals,” the statement concludes.

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