New Devices from GYENNO Technologies Combine IoT and Big Data to Help Parkinson’s Sufferers

The tremors from Parkinson’s Disease afflict millions. While there is no cure, medications help manage symptoms, but patients still suffer from trouble eating, walking and maintaining independence.

But new devices being demoed at CES from GYENNO Technologies combine IoT and Big Data to help Parkinson’s sufferers to maintain a better quality of life. In addition, the data collected by these devices is being shared with researchers to help them better understand the disease.

GYENNO will showcase its med tech/IoT/AI devices at LVCC South Hall 2, Booth 43158, Sands Level 1.

New GYENNO solutions for Parkinson’s patients to see at CES include:

  • GYENNO Spoon II (to be released in Spring) — an intelligent stabilization utensil that counteracts tremors as food is picked up and carried to the mouth. It works to smooth out movements even if hands are shaking horizontally and vertically and the fork version has a rotating handle that lets patients twirl spaghetti on to their utensils. The utensil can tell when it reaches the mouth and reduces the shaking even more so food doesn’t spill. Motion sensors capture tremor movements throughout a meal and data can be analyzed and assessed by doctors.
  • Gait Aid Equipment to help the 60% of later-stage Parkinson’s patients who experience ‘gait freeze’ and are at risk for falls. The GYENNO device’s smart sensors detects when the problem may occur and provides audio and visual alerts, so a patient knows to take precautions to avoid a fall.

All GYENNO devices connect to WiFi and send data to the cloud where AI and deep learning algorithms assess the current status of a patient, tracks the progression of the disease and can share data with doctors and researchers.

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