New SMS Services Designed to Help People Enrolled in Medicaid

New SMS Services Designed to Help People Enrolled in MedicaidIn what comes as yet another compelling example of the ability of text messages to empower patients and those looking to take charge of their health and wellness, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Pennsylvania is now offering two new text-messaging services.

mHealthWatch has learned that these services are designed to help people enrolled in Medicaid benefit plans. The services consist of:

  • Txt4health delivers personalized messages to help people follow recommended preventive care guidelines, remember to take medications and attend medical appointments, track weight and exercise goals, learn healthy eating and nutrition tips, and more.
  • Text4kids helps parents remember well-child visits, learn more about vaccine safety, track their child’s developmental milestones and more.

Txt4health and Text4kids, developed by Voxiva Inc., are available now at no charge to people enrolled in UnitedHealthcare Medicaid plans in York, Allegheny and Philadelphia Counties. There is no charge to receive these texts from UnitedHealthcare; however standard message and data rates may apply.

According to a recent PWC consumer survey, 79 percent of people enrolled in Medicaid send text messages compared to 43 percent and 68 percent of people in enrolled in Medicare and employer-sponsored health insurance plans, respectively.

“Txt4health and Text4kids provide useful health information for people in a convenient, cost-effective way, no matter where they are,” said Susan Schick, CEO of UnitedHealthcare of Pennsylvania.

“We are pleased to partner with UnitedHealthcare to make Txt4health and Text4kids available to families in these counties,” adds Justin Sims, CEO of Voxiva, in a news release. “Txt4health and Text4kids use an evidence-based and personalized approach to motivate users to follow recommendations for preventive care and good health.”

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