New Study Shows Hospital IT Nervous Over Mobile Security Threats

Cybersecurity Remains Top Concern for mHealthThis week, the team at Spyglass Consulting Group released its most recent healthcare study — Point of Care Communications for Nursing 2016.

The study shows that 82 percent of hospitals surveyed expressed grave concerns about their ability to support and protect mobile devices, patient data, and the hospital’s technology infrastructure as a result of the growing threat of cybersecurity attacks.

And the threat is, indeed, growing.

Mobile devices including smartphones and tablets can introduce vulnerabilities to the hospital’s network and infrastructure through attack vectors that include:

  • Malware – designed to penetrate networks, steal information, and cover up its tracks,
  • Blastware – designed to destroy or disable a system when detected, and
  • Ransomware – designed to block access to a computer system until money is paid.

We’re told that hospitals surveyed were particularly concerned about personally-owned mobile devices used by physicians and advanced practice nurses.

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