New Study Shows Positive Nuance Clinical Documentation Improvement

New Study Shows Positive Nuance Clinical Documentation ImprovementThe folks at Nuance shared with MHW some positive news this week.

Despite widespread industry concerns regarding the transition to ICD-10, Nuance Communications, Inc. just announced that its clinical documentation improvement (CDI) clients have not only sustained financial performance and quality through the transition to ICD-10, but actually improved performance metrics over ICD-9.

Highlights from the study include:

  • An average 2.33% increase in CMI post-ICD-10 across all Nuance CDI clients
  • Up to 3% improvement in documentation of comorbid conditions/major comorbid conditions (CC/MCC) that are often missed in patient charts and important for quality of care
  • Average 88% review rate on Medicare cases, exceeding the 80% benchmark considered success in the Nuance CDI curriculum
  • 93% physician response rate and an agreement rate of 81%, exceeding benchmarks
  • Exceeded the 15% impact clarification benchmark, with four groups demonstrating an increase of 2.1%, highlighting teams were keeping up on activities that drive precision in documentation

“This is a notable accomplishment since many provider organizations expected revenue integrity challenges from the initial coding transition and the incremental 5,500 codes from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) coming in October 2016,” a release from Nuance reads. “Hospital and health system leaders anticipate increasing pressures on the clinical documentation process as new codes continue to be introduced and their physicians face ever-increasing demands on their time.”

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