Online Lab Results Are Popular with Patients

Online Lab Results Are Popular with PatientsWaiting for blood work and other lab results will become a less time consuming and nerve-wracking process if patients get their way and have access to this critical information online.

The demand for online lab results was conveyed in the findings of a recent email survey of Kaiser Permanente members.

Study participants were patients who had viewed at least one test result online within the past year.

Thanks to the convenience and expedience of online lab results, survey participants reported high levels of satisfaction, appreciation, calm, happiness, and relief. Few experienced worry, confusion, fear, upset, or anger.

The most common followup activities to viewing lab test result online were speaking with family or friends about the results, looking up information on websites, and making a graph of the pattern of test results over time.

“The findings that patients largely react positively to seeing test results online should be reassuring to physician practices that are considering adding a patient portal with PHR to their practice websites,” the study authors concluded.

This study demonstrates that patients who view their lab test results online overwhelmingly react with positive rather than negative emotions. The results also illustrate the influence of physician-patient prior communication on patients’ reactions and their followup actions.

To learn more, check out this survey summary from the Journal of Participatory Medicine.

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