Google Coming to the Operating Room?

Google Coming to the Operating Room?   operating room mobile mHealth Johnson &Johnson health care systems Ethicon It isn’t enough that Google has worked its way into our desktops, mobile devices, and even wearable technologies. Now, Google wants to play a vital role in our healthcare too.

As it turns out, Google is coming to an operating room near you.

Johnson & Johnson confirmed via news release last week that Ethicon, a medical device company in the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, is entering into a “strategic collaboration” with Google, Inc.
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New Hardware Aims to Simplify Clinical Telemedicine Exams

New Hardware Aims to Simplify Clinical Telemedicine Exams   VersaFour Telemedicine Encounter Management Solutions telemedicine AMD Global Telemedicine Inc. Ahead of the weekend, mHealthWatch was briefed by a representative from AMD Global Telemedicine Inc., a provider of clinical Telemedicine Encounter Management Solutions.

The company has just announced the release of its VersaFour camera and scope system.

VersaFour is a “multi-specialty telemedicine device that includes the medical image viewing module of AGNES so clinicians can seamlessly view the image they are capturing before it is saved into the patient’s electronic medical record.”

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Infographic: Are You Ready for Sensors in Healthcare?

Infographic: Are You Ready for Sensors in Healthcare?   wearables sensors Pathfinder Software ingestibles infographic From wearables to ingestibles, mobile health devices and sensors have become so intricate and advanced that some healthcare industry professionals are beginning to ask a critically important question: Are patients ready for a flood of sensors in healthcare?

To help highlight this growing trend, the team at Pathfinder Software has produced a new infographic illustrating just how elaborate and sophisticated sensors have become, all for the purpose of providing more effective and efficient healthcare.

But are you ready for what’s to come? To better anticipate the arrival of healthcare’s next-wave of pint-sized innovation, check out the fascinating visual shared below.

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mHealth News: Here’s What Happened This Week

mHealth News: Here’s What Happened This Week   mHealth news mHealth Here are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that we have been monitoring this past week.

SolePower Pioneer Showcases Mobile Energy Solution at SXSW 2015
mobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzin caught up with entrepreneur Matt Stanton, CEO of SolePower, at SXSW. SolePower is an inspiring startup aiming to bring to market new insoles that generate on-the-go (and renewable) power — a mobile energy solution for millions of people around the world who could benefit from such a resource.

Research Shows Mobile Medical Apps Are Good for Our Health
Freshly published findings from a new study conducted by Research Now is providing some positive insight for those who may otherwise doubt the value of mobile medical apps being good for our health.

FCC and FDA Team Up for Joint Workshop
In a joint statement released to the media this week, the FCC and FDA have announced their agenda for a joint workshop on medical technology innovation and wireless test beds.

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The Couples Counseling Conundrum – One Says Yes, the Other No

The Couples Counseling Conundrum   One Says Yes, the Other No   Swinton Counseling Couples Counseling Just like going to a financial adviser when you have money problems, seeing a counselor when your marriage is in trouble is a good idea.

Sometimes however, one spouse is willing to give counseling a try while the other isn’t. This can be quite frustrating, to say the least, but there are a number of options available to solve the problem, according to the Utah-based counseling professionals at Swinton Counseling (The Swinton team runs an enormously helpful blog with relationship advice that has become a trusted go-to desktop and mobile platform for those seeking guidance and inspiration).

The first is to do your best to convince your spouse that counseling will be helpful. It might take a bit of patience and also, frankly, a bit of validation on your part that you were the contributor to some of the problems (which is usually the case anyway) but it’s almost always worth it.

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BIA/Kelsey Report: Health Care Local Ad Spend Forecast Is $10.7B in 2015

BIA/Kelsey Report: Health Care Local Ad Spend Forecast Is $10.7B in 2015   Health Care Local Ad Spend BIA/Kelsey BIA/Kelsey’s latest report — “Insights into Local Advertising — Health Care Vertical” — forecasts that health care organizations will drop more than $10.7 billion on local advertising in 2015.

That would represent 7.8 percent of the $137.9 billion total local advertising market. The report findings indicate $9.2 billion (87.2 percent) will be spent on traditional media, while $1.5 billion will be focused on digital marketing.

“While traditional media currently earns the lion’s share of health care’s local ad dollars, we expect there will be a greater reliance on digital/online media going forward,” said Dr. Mark Fratrik, SVP and the chief economist at BIA/Kelsey. “Our forecast indicates digital/online will account for 20 percent of total local ad spending by health care organizations by 2019. Traditional media and digital/online marketing solution providers serving health care companies will do well to target the anticipated changes in local ad spending in this vertical category.”

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Innovative Healthcare Technologies to Make a Splash at HX360

Innovative Healthcare Technologies to Make a Splash at HX360   mobile health tech. mHealth HIMSS15 Chicago With HIMSS15 at McCormick Place in Chicago now just three weeks away, we’re learning more about what’s on tap for the inaugural HX360 event.

HX360 will focus on advancing the use of health technology innovations that improve clinical workflow, care coordination and patient experience, and foster collaborations to improve development and adoption of novel health technologies, as well as work on the structures and processes within delivery systems that will make their use successful, according to a statement emailed to mHealthWatch today.

HX360 is looking beyond electronic health records, to next-generation technologies, such as mobile health, wearables, sensors and remote monitoring devices and other digital tools that are changing care delivery for both patients and providers. HX360′s interactive sessions, networking events and vibrant Innovation Pavilion will set the stage for collaboration between investors, healthcare providers and entrepreneurs.
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