What the New Administration Means for Healthcare IT

donald-trump-1818950_960_720The following is a guest contributed post from Alan Portela, Chief Executive Officer at AirStrip.

For over a year, the US has spent much of its time wondering who would be the next Commander-in-Chief, and what the implications would be with a Hillary Clinton or a Donald Trump presidency. Now that we have our answer – that Donald Trump will be leading the nation for at least the next four years – people across all industries are wondering how a new administration will impact their business.

What exactly will this new administration mean for healthcare IT? The space is relatively bipartisan. People on both sides of the aisle realize that technology can enable better patient care in a cost-effective way and has the ability to be far-reaching, providing better care options to those in rural areas. But there’s no doubt that the most recent election will drive some changes in 2017.

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Care Bridge International Reveals New Tools for Medical Claims Payers

Money, Money, Money Guess What Would Inspire More Family Physicians to Use TelehealthThis week, Care Bridge International announced the launch of its technology based Future Medical forecasting tools.

The company, if you’re not familiar, was formed in August 2015 by former claim, clinical and data analytic experts, and hosts a data warehouse with an excess of 150 million medical claim transactions, nationally.

By applying data science, the company has developed the Medical Reserve Calculator and the Analytic-Powered Medical Reserve. Using simple drop down selections, the Medical Reserve Calculator generates a quick future medical forecast to validate or quantify future medical exposure. The Analytic-Powered Medical Reserve incorporates comprehensive line item future care detail in report format, instantly.

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TopLine MD Unveils New Services to Enhance Patient Experience

computer-1149148_960_720On Tuesday, mHealthWatch learned that Femwell Group Health, Inc., a management service organization (MSO) that provides business services to physician practices in South and Central Florida, announced the launch of three new services for its elite physician network, TopLine MD Health Alliance, which will enable patients to better connect with their physicians in this fast-growing digital age.

TopLine MD doctors are now offering telemedicine and online bill pay to their patients. Practices affiliated with the TopLine MD Health Alliance will also gain access to a comprehensive review or “check-up” of their offices financial and operational health, to ultimately enhance the patient experience.

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New Quotit Mobile App Helps Brokers Find Right ACA Plans for Consumers

quotit-goQuotit Corporation, a national provider of Internet sales and marketing solutions for the health insurance and employee benefits industry, confirmed to MHW this week that the company is rolling out a new mobile quoting app, QuotitGO.

According to a provided media release, QuotitGO is designed to give brokers the ability to quote insurance options for consumers on the go, including real-time subsidy calculations, “an important distinction between QuotitGO and other apps as over 85% of Americans qualified for subsidies in 2015 when enrolling in ACA marketplace plans.”

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Nonprofessionals Successfully Interpret Medical Images of the Eye Online

press-releasePress Release: Scientists have found that with minimal training, members of the general public may be able to match the accuracy of experts in interpreting medical images of the eye. The work, published in Translational Vision Science & Technology (TVST), introduces a world where individuals without medical training could contribute to decisions made in the clinic.

The paper, “The Accuracy and Reliability of Crowdsource Annotations of Digital Retinal Images,” describes results from over 5,000 internet users who volunteered to interpret 100 medical images. Optional training was offered, and those who pursued the training performed as well as medical experts in marking areas of the images that suggested a clinical issue.

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GE Healthcare to Showcase Industry-First Technologies and Digital Solutions

GE Healthcare to Showcase Industry-First Technologies and Digital SolutionsOn Monday, mHealthWatch learned that GE Healthcare is launching 25 new products, services and digital solutions at RSNA 2016, 50 percent more than in 2015, as the company focuses on helping the healthcare industry to improve outcomes.

The new innovations and partnerships are designed to address some of the industry’s most pressing challenges and will enable better patient experience, improved clinical confidence and increased productivity.

For the first time ever, mammography exams can literally be in the hand of the patient with a remote control that adjusts breast compression. This innovative, self-compression feature for the new Senographe Pristina enables the patient, with the help of a technologist, to set the pressure that feels right for her, helping to reduce discomfort and addressing one of the main concerns women have for avoiding mammography screening.

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Provata Health Touts New VR Guided Meditation App

first-look-provata-health-introduces-vr-guided-meditation-app-300x198Ahead of the long holiday weekend, digital health company Provata Health confirmed to VRJournal the launch of Provata VR, a virtual reality guided meditation app.

The app, which launches exclusively on the App Store, comes as the Portland startup pushes forward with its hope to pioneer a new category of digital health: Virtual Reality Preventive Care.

As for how Provata VR works, we’re told that users “escape to a variety of stunning locations around the world, including tropical waterfalls, secluded beaches, dazzling Northern Lights and even underwater coral reefs.”

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