A Healthy Partnership: Nuance, DialogTech Team Up for Conversation Insight 2.0

New Study Shows Positive Nuance Clinical Documentation ImprovementLeading call attribution provider, DialogTech, unveiled on Wednesday something it calls Conversation Insight 2.0 powered by Nuance Transcription Engine (NTE).

The offering is touted as being a powerful, fast and highly accurate engine to transcribe audio and unlock valuable insights for marketing and sales teams.

Part of the DialogTech platform, Conversation Insight 2.0 records and transcribes marketing driven calls, making it easy for marketers to run a detailed analysis of phone conversations driven from any marketing source to any call centers, remote agents, business location or franchisee.

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San Antonio Doctor Prescribes Cutting Edge Treatment for Back and Spine

san-antonio-doctor-prescribes-cutting-edge-treatment-for-back-and-spineFor those living with it, back pain can be a nightmare. But deep in the heart of Texas, one doctor’s efforts could turn a nightmare into a dream come true.

Seeking a safer and more technologically advanced answer for back pain that chiropractic care pain meds, physical therapy and even spinal fusion in extreme cases, Dr. Dmitry Buyanov is making headlines this week.

A spine and back specialist, Dr. Buyanov understands the fears and concerns of patients when it comes to surgery for the spine. And he’s working toward an alternative to those methods of treatment and care.
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angelMD Names Winners in Digital Health Challenge

doctor-tablet-opt_0On Tuesday, angelMD announced that 5 digital health startups have been selected as winners of the Digital Health Challenge from submissions across the United States.

We’re told that each winner will present to a live investor audience at events in Seattle and Houston. According to this morning’s news release, angelMD will provide an open investment syndicate for each of the companies which are also pre-approved to receive capital investments from retirement accounts (IRA / 401K).

“We were surprised at how difficult the selection process was; some of these companies were existing angelMD companies and others were recent introductions,” says Jens Francis, CTO and engineer of the angelMD investment system. “The final pool of 30 companies were all very compelling. Leveraging our proprietary scoring algorithm and feedback from the angelMD network of physicians & investors resulted in selection of 5 diverse and deserving companies.”
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Walgreens Launches New Skin Care Platform

Walgreens, WebMD Connect for 'Digital Wellness' ProgramsThis week, Walgreens made an announcement that is really getting under our skin — in  good way.

According to the retail pharmacy giant, the average wait time for patients looking to see a dermatologist in the U.S. is nearly 29 days, and in some areas, can exceed several months.

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First Look: Direct Patient Logistics Teams With Health eFilings

SocialWellth, HITLAB Announce 'Strategic Partnership'MHW learned Tuesday that Direct Patient Logistics (DPL), a division of Air Methods, has partnered with Health eFilings, LLC.

Together, the companies will make it possible to offer DPL customers services that position themselves as market leaders.

Health eFilings PQRS reporting and data analytics software solutions will help DPL provide their customers with a competitive edge in the marketplace.
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Report: 1 in 4 Americans has Emailed or Texted a Photo to Doctor

report-1-in-4-americans-has-emailed-or-texted-a-photo-to-doctorKetchum, a leading communications firm, has just released and shared with mHealthWatch the Ketchum mHealth Monitor, mapping U.S. consumers’ adoption of wearable technology, apps and artificial intelligence for personal health and wellness.

And the results are truly telling.

The study, released today, highlights “significant mobile health technology opportunities and frames five kinds of mHealth users.”
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iViews Imaging System Touts Telemedicine Workflow Solution

D-EYE Partners with TreVia to Expand Remote HealthcareThis week, the team at iViews is hyping its new telemedicine solution and its ability to expedite primary care referral services to eye-care specialists.

“It is now easy for the general practitioner to capture digital images of eyes from remote locations, send them to centralized image reading centers for interpretation, and then receive findings quickly from a specialist who can also refer a patient for care if necessary,” this morning’s announcement reads.

If you’re not familiar with the company, iViews Imaging System, LLC has been been around for close to a decade providing digital imaging solutions for eye care professionals nationwide working in teaching hospitals, universities, private clinics, and VA centers.
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