Boomers Will Be a Boon to Digital Healthcare Marketplace

Boomers Will Be a Boon to Digital Healthcare Marketplace   Mobile Devices healthcare eMarketer baby boomers Though much of the conversation about healthcare has been focused on retirees who are living longer than ever (with inevitable hiccups for both the economics and efficiencies), the next wave could change the very nature of healthcare in the U.S.

The youngest baby boomers will turn 50 this year. As a result, the U.S. healthcare industry is anticipating unprecedented levels of demand for products and services.

“Though members of this generation still fancy themselves young and healthy, they have more health problems and chronic conditions than previous generations at the same age,” says eMarketer. “Still, they want to stay active for as long as possible. They expect healthcare that enables them to age in place and do it on their own terms.”

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mHealth: The Week’s Top Stories

mHealth: The Week’s Top Stories   telemedicine mobile health mHealth healthcare Here are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that we’ve been monitoring this past week.

On Monday, during his Health 2.0 keynote address, Dr. Eric Topol — Editor-in-Chief of Medscape and Chief Academic Officer of Scripps Health – drew attention to what he calls the democratization of medicine (i.e.., cutting edge digital health technologies impacting the relationship between patients and their physicians).

Acupera, a health care technology company, provides a population health and care coordination platform for medical centers to more “effectively manage” their patient population. On Monday, mHealthWatch caught up with Acupera CEO and Founder Dr. Ron Razmi to discuss the future of population health and the role his company intends to play in the evolution of the healthcare tech industry.

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Welltok Showcases Latest Innovations at Health 2.0

Welltok Showcases Latest Innovations at Health 2.0   Welltok Health 2.0 CaféWell Health Optimization Platform Michelle Snyder, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Welltok, spoke with mHealthWatch this week at Health 2.0, where her company was in attendance to help people to realize that “there is a fundamental need in the industry for a platform that helps organize the growing ecosystem of condition management programs, apps, wellness programs, tracking devices, content and communities into a holistic consumer experience.”

Welltok is a company that aims to enable health insurers and other population health managers to guide and incentivize consumers to optimize their health.

In particular, Welltok’s CaféWell Health Optimization Platform organizes the growing spectrum of health and condition management programs and resources – such as tracking devices, apps and communities – and creates “personalized, adaptive plans for each consumer based on their health status, benefits and goals.”
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MHW Q&A with CEO of i-Human Patients

MHW Q&A with CEO of i Human Patients   Norm Wu mobile health Health 2.0 CEO of i Human Patients This week at Health 2.0, mHealthWatch was fortunate to connect with Norm Wu, CEO of i-Human Patients, for a quick Q&A.

Given our penchant for picking the brains of knowledgeable industry innovators and visionaries, this was an opportunity for which we were particularly grateful.

Check out the brief interview below.
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Bestselling Health and Wellness Books Are Now Mobile First

Bestselling Health and Wellness Books Are Now Mobile First   Tech tablets smartphones mobile health eBook According to the findings of a new report highlighted Friday in the Guardian, self-published authors have ballooned to account for more than 30% of ebook sales on What’s more, these authors are now earning more ebook royalties than writers who have been published with the world’s five largest publishers.

In no category, however, is the eBook revolution more apparent than health and wellness.

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Opinion: Sometimes The Best Choice is the Simplest One

Opinion: Sometimes The Best Choice is the Simplest One   opinion Nuance mHealth ICD 10 The following is a guest contributed post from Dr. Nick van Terheyden, Nuance CMIO.

Over the weekend, CMS announced that the Meaningful Use Stage 2 deadline will be extended through 2016 in order to offer more options and greater flexibility to providers for the certified use of EHRs.  In the interest of full disclosure, I found the timing to be strange— a rule published over a holiday weekend seems an odd choice, particularly when it is being touted as a benefit to the industry and the impact on healthcare provider organizations and clinicians, alike, is monumental.

Unfortunately, I think the additional flexibility allotted by this rule is the latest example of the unintended consequences of health IT regulations.  In an effort to make things easier and give healthcare providers more leeway, they have, in fact, made the situation unnecessarily more complex.
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Augmented Interactive Reality Gets Real at Health 2.0

Augmented Interactive Reality Gets Real at Health 2.0   Sina Fateh mHealth Health 2.0 Augmented Interactive Atheer Sina Fateh, executive vice president at Atheer Labs in Mountain View, California, has been described as an “entrepreneur at heart.”

With years of experience in the fields of human vision augmentation and wearable eye display, not to mention intellectual property management, ample hype has surrounded Fateh this week at Health 2.0.

The Atheer exec was tapped to present Atheer’s Augmented Interactive Reality (AiR) at this week’s conference.

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