Three Trends for App Developers to Watch in Mobile Health

Three Trends for App Developers to Watch in Mobile Health   mobile health news mobile health mHealth developers apps

As mobile healthcare technology emerges as a mainstream staple of modern healthcare, a growing number of app developers want to break into this opportunity-rich new industry.

The first trend that is creating a niche for app developers to fill is the need for more general tech education and preparedness. Across all facets of the healthcare industry, studies and surveys have shown that few companies are truly ready for the mobile revolution that is currently underway. The trend of adopting tech without fully understanding it is both problematic and counterproductive.

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Visiongain: Wearable Tech Will Grow ‘Explosively’ in the Next Five Years

Visiongain:  Wearable Tech Will Grow Explosively in the Next Five Years   wearables wearable technology VisionGain mHealth Media firm Visiongain is out with a new report on wearable technologies and the projected growth is off the charts.

So who stands to benefit most from this growth? Surprisingly, a small number of vendors.

“This is greenfield for many vendors,” Visiongain says of wearables. “The plausibility of smart garments and augmented reality goggles has attracted the interest of technology enthusiasts and software developers alike. Now that the smartphone and tablet markets are showing signs of slowing, it is time for the next major wave of consumer electronics to hit.”

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Digital Health Funding Posts Another Record Quarter

Digital Health Funding Posts Another Record Quarter   Rock Health funding digital health Q1 2014 brought with it a new record in digital health venture funding.

According to the latest data from Rock Health, not only did January set a record month in both deals and dollars, the first quarter of 2014 set an all-time record for digital health funding in a single quarter.

“Nearly $700M in funding poured into the space, paving the way for the biggest year ever for the industry,” the report summary reads. “Q1 2014 experienced a mind blowing 87% year-over-year growth versus Q1 2013.”

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Infographic: Industry Reactions to ICD-10 Delay

Infographic: Industry Reactions to ICD 10 Delay   Two weeks ago, President Barack Obama put his signature on the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014. In effect, one provision of the new law served to delay ICD-10 implementation until October 1, 2015 at the absolute earliest.

Following two similar delays in the past, many were ready to proceed rather than face another delay.

In order to gauge how healthcare industry professionals truly feel about the latest postponement, 1,250 health care industry professionals were polled during a Deloitte Center for Health Solutions Live from the Center webcast.
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Renal Physicians Association Releases mHealth App

Renal Physicians Association Releases mHealth App   Renal Physicians Association mHealth app mHealth app On Monday, The Renal Physicians Association delved into the mHealth arena with the release of a free iPad app to assist nephrologists with shared decision-making and pain and symptom management for an array of conditions – acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease, and end-stage renal disease patients at the point of care.

Dr. Adam Weinstein, an RPA Board Member and the leader of the app development team, says that the new “RPA SDM Toolkit app” is an interactive, workflow-driven version of the RPA’s Clinical Practice Guideline on Shared Decision Making in the Appropriate Initiation of and Withdrawal from Dialysis, 2nd Edition.
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Telehealth Remains Difficult To Define

Telehealth Remains Difficult To Define   The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services telemedicine telehealth healthcare IT The definition of telehealth is not consistent across the nation. This is due in part to the ongoing changes in laws and telehealth advances, but also in part to different levels of interpretation. In a recent study called the Telemedicine and e-Health, 7 different definitions of telehealth can be defined within the US government.

These definitions came from within 26 different agencies, as reported by 100 different individuals within Federal Telemedicine Working Group (FedTel). The 7 different definitions were gathered by compiling the results of a survey. Although telehealth is evolving, and many of the definitions have common ground, the multitude of definitions can cause confusion and conflict. A few examples of the similar, yet sometimes conflicting definitions are shared below.

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Physician Burnout Risks Quality of Care

Physician Burnout Risks Quality of Care   Tech email EHRs. physician burnout doctors A recent article in the Washington Post calls attention to some of the unexpected sources of physician burnout. Physician burnout often leads doctors to sell their private practices, reduce their patient load, or opt for early retirement. The physicians most at risk are primary health care providers who serve a wide range of patient needs.

The stressors that reportedly lead to physician burnout are commonly related to their responsibilities outside of patient appointments. According to the findings of a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine by Richard J. Baron, M.D., president of the American Board of Internal Medicine, the average doctor performs the flowing tasks on a daily basis:

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