Cubismi Touts Ground-Breaking Technology

Cubismi, a digital healthcare company and new member of StartUp Health, announced this week its new technology My Virtual Body One File (aka “One File”), a “groundbreaking computer system that organizes dispersed medical images and other clinical data into a singular framework for precision analytics of a patient’s body.”

From the official announcement:

The technology leverages population data and AI to create new precision insights into the human body to create advances in patient care, as well as productivity gains for radiologists and other doctors to decrease healthcare costs. Further, by simplifying medical data into a singular “One File,” the technology will decrease IT complexity. The Virtual Body Bio-Map of the patient’s body will act like a “Google maps” of the human body to augment the power of information doctors can access and leverage to best care for their patients.

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Izzy Care Makes a Splash in Las Vegas

Izzy Care, an innovative healthcare platform based on low cost monthly membership, has just launched at HLTH in Las Vegas with “unlimited access to a personal doctor, therapist, and nutrition & wellness coach — anytime, anywhere.”

With Izzy Care, we’re told that members can earn rewards for achieving their personal health goals, helping save even more on the cost of their care.

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Fitbit and Google Announce Collaboration to Accelerate Innovation in Digital Health and Wearables

This week, Fitbit and Google have announced they will work together to innovate and transform the future of digital health and wearables, “leading to positive health outcomes for people around the world.”

According to a media release:

Fitbit and Google are exploring the development of consumer and enterprise health solutions. Fitbit intends to use Google’s new Cloud Healthcare API to help the company integrate further into the healthcare system, such as by connecting user data with electronic medical records (EMR). Combining Fitbit data with EMRs can provide patients and clinicians a more comprehensive view of the patient profile, leading to more personalized care. The companies will also look to help better manage chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension by using services such as Fitbit’s recently acquired Twine Health. Using Google’s Cloud Healthcare API, Twine can make it easier for clinicians and patients to collaborate on care, helping lead to better health outcomes and positive returns for employers, health plans and hospitals.

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UC Berkeley Extension Touts New Health Informatics Program

On Monday,UC Berkeley Extension announced the launch of the fully online Professional Program in Health Informatics, a four-course sequence that prepares clinical and nonclinical professionals to understand and deploy health informatics.

So how does it work?

By understanding the underlying information and computer science and health care best practices that comprise this in-demand career, professionals from both medical and IT backgrounds will have the skills—in as little as three months—to meet the growing use of technology in health care delivery.

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Dictum Health Expands Clinical and EMS Telehealth

Dictum Health, Inc. – innovators in telehealth’s Virtual Exam Room (VER) technology that supports patients across the continuum of care – has announced the addition of video laryngoscopy to their end-to-end telehealth solution.

From the official word:

The laryngoscope created by Vivid Medical is a single-use video intubation device that performs reliably during concurrent chest compression, on patients with an immobilized neck or in any position, and with successful suctioning of the airway by the same person performing intubation. The device connects through USB to Dictum Health’s IDM100 Medical Tablet, which displays video images of the mouth and throat to guide intubation and to record and store images to Care Central cloud services.

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First Look: Global Partnership for Telehealth Honors Partners at 9th Annual Conference

Media Announcement: Georgia-based telehealth networking agency Global Partnership for Telehealth recently honored four partners with awards at its 9th Annual Conference in Jekyll Island, GA. The organization gave Piedmont Health System in Atlanta the Award for Excellence in Telehealth and honored Susan McLendon, with Meadows Regional Health System in Vidalia, with the Telehealth Leadership Award. Furthermore, GPT named Joe Tallent, Telehealth Coordinator at Effingham Health System, its Telehealth Coordinator of the Year and honored the Packer Health Clinic, based in the Colquitt County School System, as its School-Based Telehealth Program of the Year.

“The conference is a great opportunity to honor those in our network who are true telehealth champions, the ones who go the extra mile,” said Keri Brantley, Global Partnership for Telehealth’s Conference Director. “It’s GPT’s way of saying ‘thank you’ for the hard work that our partners put into their programs.”

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TotalABA Announces Strategic Alliance with Digital Health Forward

Ahead of the weekend, MHW learned that TotalABA, a leader in providing Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) software for helping people with autism spectrum disorders, announced a strategic alliance with Digital Health Forward.

“The Digital Health Forward team has an extensive understanding of the current healthcare markets and the software needed to improve productivity and the quality of lives,” said Larry Morgan, CEO of TotalABA. “We have a deep knowledge of autism spectrum disorders and the best tools to help therapists and clinics spend more time with their students and less time doing administrative work.”

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