Pixelworks, Aier Eye Hospital Group Conduct Eye Health Study Identifying Benefits of Improved Smartphone Video Quality

This week, Pixelworks, Inc. — a leading provider of power efficient visual processing solutions — announced the initial results of an ongoing collaborative study and development effort with the China Hunan Aier Eye Research Institute, a part of the Aier Eye Hospital Group of Hunan, China.

In a study of video quality’s impact on the human eye, Aier observed that Pixelworks provides the solutions to effectively protect the human eye while enhancing the picture quality and viewing experience. This study was conducted with a large population of both male and female viewers of different age groups, under various viewing conditions and user habits.

Aier and Pixelworks started to collaborate in mid-2016. Both sides have made tremendous efforts on optimizing the display of mobile phones, especially in the relief of eye fatigue or myopia caused by prolonged watching of videos on mobile phones. Pixelworks is utilizing the results of Aier’s work to further improve and tune its suite of products and underlying technology.

“Aier Eye Research Institute has performed extensive theoretical research and obtained rich clinical data in fundus diseases, with particular attention to the harm to human eyes caused by blue light in displays of mobile devices. Based on our professional opinion, Pixelworks provides solutions to effectively protect the human eye by optimizing the filtering of blue light in displays of mobile phones,” said Dr. Li Xiaoning at Aier. “In the future, Aier will further cooperate with Pixelworks so as to promote the development of optometry science and eye health.”

“At Pixelworks, we are leaving no stone unturned when pursuing the ultimate viewing experience, including researching eye health issues associated with prolonged smartphone usage,” said Vikas Dhurka, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Pixelworks. “Our advanced technology improves the viewing experience and as Aier has now demonstrated, increases overall eye health and comfort. We are excited to partner with Aier to further advance and refine the intersection of eye health and technology.”

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