Q&A with Doctor On Demand’s Chief Medical Officer

Q&A with Doctor On Demand's Chief Medical OfficerLast week, during Health 2.0, mHealthWatch connected with the team from Doctor On Demand to discuss the future of telemedicine and mobile medical care.

One of the many advantages of telemedicine is that it holds the potential to make access to general healthcare easy to achieve from anywhere with an internet connection, and in many cases, for an affordable price point.

While there are many telemedicine services vying for the #1 position, Doctor On Demand is already among the fastest growing.
Recently, Dr. Pat Basu, Doctor On Demand’s Chief Medical Officer, agreed to do a quick Q&A with mHealthWatch to help our readers learn more about the future of Doctor on Demand and telemedicine at large.

MHW: For those who aren’t familiar, what is Doctor On Demand and what role does it aim to play in the healthcare space today?

Dr. Basu: Doctor On Demand is a healthcare service that provides Video Visits with board-certified physicians on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Patients simply download the app, tap a few screens, and are instantly connected to a board-certified physician in their state for a Video Visit — from their living room, bedroom, or office. Doctor On Demand is $40 per call (similar to most co-pays) and patients have the option of paying with their HSAs.

Doctor On Demand also works with businesses like Comcast Corporation to offer high quality, affordable healthcare to employees.

MHW: What are some of the most exciting projects in development or recently brought to market by your company?

Dr. Basu: Doctor On Demand launched in late 2013. Since then, we’ve expanded our offering so that patients can also conduct Video Visits with physicians on their desktop computers, just as they have been able to do on their smartphones and tablets.

We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline, and we’ll continue to keep you posted.

MHW: What did Doctor On Demand hope to accomplish at the Connected Health Summit?

Dr. Basu: Our goal for participating in this month’s Connected Health Summit was to discuss the importance for health care providers to offer digital options for consumers. Consumers today are in the drivers seat when it comes to healthcare — they are no longer traveling long distances to speak to their doctor, or only see them once each year. Rather, they are taking better care of themselves with help from services like Doctor On Demand.

What are Doctor On Demand’s goals for 2015 with regard to accelerating the quality and range of services and capabilities within the mHealth industry?

Today, Doctor On Demand is available in 46 states across the country. Our on-going goal is to continue to provide convenient, quality healthcare to our patients exactly when they need it.

MHW: Given your expertise in this space, what is the key to creating a successful and impactful product or service in the modern age of mHealth, wearable technology, or healthcare IT today?

Dr. Basu: As you know, consumers today have higher expectations for healthcare — easier access, higher quality, and lower costs — and services like Doctor On Demand are helping to support those expectations. The key to creating an impactful product or service in the telemedicine space is to provide consumers with technology that is easy to use, efficient and consistently offers quality results, and businesses with high-quality, low cost healthcare options for their employees.

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