Q&A with Healthentic COO Sean Gallivan at Health 2.0

Q&A with Healthentic COO Sean Gallivan at Health 2.0Sean Gallivan, Chief Operating Officer of Healthentic — a health care analytics company focused on making it easy for employers to find savings — did a quick Q&A with mHealthWatch this week at Health 2.0 in Santa Clara, California. Here’s what the exec had to say.

MHW: What are some of the most exciting projects in development or recently brought to market by your company?

Sean: We revamped our Population Health Dashboard (PhD) with two major improvements this year.

First, we extended our analysis to include health risk assessment, biometrics, and productivity data. Second, this version also includes event and program tracking which allows employers to input their own health care activities and see the impact to their population’s costs and conditions.

Another big milestone for us has been the ability to produce research on our data. We’ve recently published findings on important health care topics like avoidable ER visits, and the impact of high cost cases.

MHW: What does Healthentic hope to accomplish or introduce to attendees at Health 2.0?

Sean: We want to show HR managers, benefits managers and CFOs, that Healthentic’s products are built specifically for them and can help improve workplace health and save money. All the products demoed at Employers 2.0 this year (and last year) are for the employee’s use. Once again, we are the only strictly employer-focused tool out there.

MHW: What are Healthentic’s goals for 2015 with regard to accelerating the quality and range of services and capabilities within the mHealth industry?

Sean: We want to identify and realize even greater savings for employers, while tracking and researching what plan designs, outreach, and programs make a difference. Many organizations are implementing health and wellness programs, but only Healthentic can make it easy to measure whether these programs are actually making a difference.

MHW: Given your expertise in this space, what do you feel is the secret sauce when it comes to building an effective and meaningul platform or product in your industry today?

Sean: Transparency in product and service performance will make the difference. The market has amazing communication to consumers, attractive marketing, killer apps, wearables, engaging games, easy to use devices, but there is no third-party source to measure how well these programs work — each vendor is reporting their own performance. Therefore, valuable information from less successful programs are not being reported, and programs are being compared based on the best metrics, rather than pre-defined metrics.

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