Report: Telehealth Use to Balloon by 2018

Report Telehealth Use to Balloon by 2018At the end of 2013, only 350,000 patients were regularly using telehealth platforms and technology across the world. By 2018, however, these numbers are expected to jump to more than seven million.

From there, experts say, growth will continue to increase exponentially as more and more patients are introduced to the power and potential of telehealth solutions. This growth will largely be due to the proliferation of mobile health technology, like hubs and wearable tech, which will make it simple and easy to communicate with healthcare professionals.

Roeen Roashan, who analyzes healthcare devices, says, “Amid rising expenses, an aging population and the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, the healthcare industry must change the way it operates. Telehealth represents an attractive solution to these challenges, increasing the quality of care while reducing overall healthcare expenditures.”

As legislation aims to clarify healthcare policies and provide leeway for mobile healthcare developments, more and more companies are beginning to develop technology to make healthcare less expensive and more intuitive.

As doctors become younger and younger and more familiar with and dependent on technology, it will become vital that they have the proper tools available. Patients, too, are becoming more comfortable with technology, and this will become more pronounced as technologies flourish in the coming years.

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