Researchers at Harvard Find DocResponse To Be The Most Accurate Symptom Checker

Researchers At Harvard Find DocResponse To Be The Most Accurate Symptom CheckerOne of the many benefits to the constantly connected world we live in is that we can find information on just about anything we want or need at any hour of day or night. This includes information we would have previously gained from an industry professional, such as a physician.

Many people from around the globe are performing online searches to identify their symptoms in order to self-diagnose and self-treat. This is one of the reasons why researchers at Harvard set out to determine which of the many online symptom and diagnostics healthcare apps and websites performed the best.

Doc Response was the most accurate of all, and even performed better than popular and well-respected iTriage, Mayo Clinic, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), and WebMD. It even did better than Harvard Medical School’s Family Health Guide.

Of the 23 apps and websites reviewed, it was found that DocResponse listed the correct diagnosis first 150 percent more often than iTriage and WebMD and an impressive 300 percent more often than the Mayo Clinic’s symptom checker.

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My daughter severely twisted her ankle last night while rushing down the stairs after her puppy.

Left ankle is very swollen. Bruising appears on the lateral aspect of the ankle.  100% Non weight bearing

Severe pain and unable to move ankle at all.