Retirement Communities Begin Turning to Telemedicine

Retirement Communities Begin Turning to TelemedicineWith America’s senior citizen population growing at a rapid pace, retirement communities around the country are beginning to explore and deploy a variety of options with regard to improving senior care.

In many instances, these efforts lead to telemedicine.

This past week, Mount Pleasant Retirement Community announced the launch of TripleCare’s telemedicine solution, enabling the delivery of “scalable, high-quality care” to patients in need after hours.

Through the use of board-certified physicians, TripleCare telemedicine provides clinical support at the bedside while also helping to establish cutting-edge centers of care.

“We are thrilled to offer the TripleCare solution at a facility that cares so deeply about its patients,” says Susan Riley, TripleCare’s CEO. “We’ll help facilitate Mount Pleasant Retirement Community’s mission to avoid re-hospitalization by bringing an 80 percent success rate that simultaneously reinforces care.”

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This is not surprising. I would think that having "stations" or kiosks in all places where people gather for any length of time - particularly older people who consume more healthcare than others - would be a natural fit. Heck, I think that besides retirement centers that the following would be good places to have stations setup for telehealth consults:

1. Community Centers

2. "retirement community's"

3. American Legion Halls. Knights of Columbus, Moose Lodges, Lion's clubs, etc.

4. YMCA's

5. Churches

6. Bingo Halls and Bowling Alleys

All good spots to install "telehealth stations"

And I am serious about this - not joking.

And places where all people hang out that could use telehealth stations include:

1. The DMV

2. The Post Office

3. Public Libraries

4. Dennies and IHOP

5. Jiffy Lubes

Ok, now I may be joking a bit. But having a telehealth station in any place where people go on a regular basis and spend some time and are "captive" is a potentially good idea for installing a telehealth station.