RNK Now in Beta for FDA Cleared Telemedicine Stethoscope Software

New Report Reminds That Obstacles for Telehealth PersistMHW recently learned that RNK Products, Inc. (RNK) is now beta testing a simplified version of its FDA approved sSOIP telemedicine stethoscope software.

The software, if you’re not familiar, enables the stethoscope stream to go over the video conferencing audio channel.

This new software version is called PCP-SSP and works with RNK’s flagship PCP-USB stethoscope.
Remote auscultation involves two software elements on the PC:

1) Network transport of the digitized stethoscope signal. If the digitized stethoscope data stream can be merged with the video conferencing stream, a telemedicine integrator’s video conferencing equipment can handle the network connectivity.

2) Stethoscope signal processing. The stethoscope signal processing includes digitizing and encoding the signal plus selectable filters to aid the physician in focusing on heart versus lung sounds. This signal processing must be FDA cleared as “accessory” elements to the electronic stethoscope itself.

“The PCP-SSP software performs that stethoscope signal processing and is FDA Class II cleared,” a provided statement reads.

“PCP-SSP is an ideal solution for telemedicine networks that want their telemedicine stethoscope signal to go over the same network connection established by the video conferencing system while satisfying FDA regulations” says Rich Abbruscato, CEO of RNK.

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