Sensoria Health Brings Microsoft Azure IoT platform Architecture to Healthcare

Technology is a key enabler in the precision medicine trend, which will transform healthcare in the next few years. However, improving outcomes while reducing cost is a global challenge and nobody can achieve material results by acting alone.

To this point, Sensoria Health, a leading developer of smart garments and artificial intelligence wearable solutions, and Genesis Rehab Services, a leader in long-term care rehabilitation, have announced the Internet of Me (IoMe) Alliance built on Microsoft Azure IoT platform at HIMSS 2018.

According to a provided statement, the alliance allows healthcare providers to extend the reach of their limited number of clinicians, serve the growing needs of the aging population, and drive smart aging digital innovation.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), by the year 2040, over 20 percent of the U.S. population will be older than 65 years of age. By building on its platform approach and creating an open ecosystem across multiple partnerships in differentiated healthcare scenarios, Sensoria Health has the capability to transform the IoT into a human body, patient centric IoMe via smart garments, microelectronics, mobile apps and cloud infrastructure provided by Microsoft Azure IoT.

Thanks to the pervasiveness and affordability of new Internet of Me connected microelectronic devices, combined with the unlimited power of cloud computing, a massive amount of patient data will soon fuel artificial intelligence and predictive analytics algorithms that will generate healthcare value in ways that was never possible in the past. Patient data will also be collected, managed and secured according to the HIPAA legislation.

“Artificial intelligence and IoMe are the best way for researchers, clinicians, consumers and patients to quantify healthcare, through real life, personal, easily collected and measurable outcomes,” said Davide Vigano, co-founder and CEO of Sensoria Health. “Every sensor infused garment has the capability to become an ultra-wearable personal computer that transforms our biological and cognitive life into streams of data that can be monitored, shared and shaped into actionable diagnostic information with the help of a clinician.”

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