Silicon Valley Eye Physicians Set to Release Mobile App

cooldoctorsmHealthWatch learned Monday that Silicon Valley Eye Physicians of Sunnyvale, California, is set to release CoolDoctors — a mobile app that lets individuals reach one of their eye care doctors from their smartphones.

The app utilizes a video chat feature that will link users with their optometrist or ophthalmologist who will diagnose common eye conditions and develop a plan of treatment.

The app allows patients to choose from a menu of symptoms including options such as blurry vision, discharge, itching, eye turn, dryness, and eye strain. Patients will receive a 15-minute consultation for a fee of $50, saving the added time and expense of an office visit.

“Many common eye problems can be quickly and easily diagnosed,” says Dr. Moshe Mendelson of Silicon Valley Eye Physicians, “but people will often delay coming to the eye doctor until their condition is much worse. They either do not have the time or do not want to spend the money for a standard office visit. The CoolDoctors app eliminates both of these problems. Patients can seek treatment from wherever they are. There is no need to take time away from work or family activities and the cost is far less than an office visit.”

To check out the app, click here.

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