Something’s In The Air: AerNos and Rattle Tech Announce Partnership

On Tuesday, AerNos, Inc. — an innovator in nano gas sensors and Rattle Tech, an innovator in Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile and Cloud technologies — announced a collaboration to develop end-to-end IoT solutions for AerNos’ multi-gas sensors to meet rapidly growing customer demand for air quality monitoring technologies.

AerNos says that its breakthrough nano gas sensors are configured to simultaneously detect multiple harmful gases to the parts per billion and are specifically designed to integrate with IoT devices, such as smart street lights, digital assistants, air filtration systems and smart cars.

Rattle Tech’s expertise in IoT, cloud and mobile software will enable AerNos to offer complete, end-to-end air quality monitoring solutions to its customers.

Integrating AerNos sensors into IoT connected products enables AerNos integration partners to deliver real-time solutions to their customers. Indoor air pollution monitors in homes, schools and businesses can optimize the use of filtrations systems, trigger alerts, and provide information to help identify the sources of pollution. Granular arrays of outdoor air pollution monitors deployed citywide will enable apps to help families make informed decisions when planning outdoor activities and real-time maps which city and health officials will use to develop plans for reducing pollution, exposure and health impacts.

From cities competing to be Smart City leaders to companies developing IoT products for Smart Homes to corporations looking to create Smart Buildings and improve plant and worker safety, customers are asking for complete, plug-and-play air quality solutions that include connectivity, cloud and end-user applications.

AerNos and Rattle Tech are partnering to “provide these complete solutions.”

“Rattle Tech has been a fantastic partner and we are thrilled to announce this expanded collaboration,” said Sundip R. Doshi, Founder and CEO of AerNos. “The end-to-end solutions developed in collaboration with Rattle Tech expand our business opportunities and will help fast track our vision of deploying granular level, 24/7 air quality monitoring to improve health and safety around the world.”

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