Stratus Video Interpreting Brings Services to Intermountain Healthcare Facilities

Stratus Video Interpreting Brings Services to Intermountain Healthcare FacilitiesWithout clear communication, quality healthcare cannot be provided. That being said, even patients who speak English as their first language, or who have full hearing can have communication issues due to the lack of understanding of medical terminology. This same communication becomes even more challenging when a patient’s first language is not English, or if the patient is hearing impaired.

In a recent announcement Stratus Video Interpreting shared that they will now be offering their services within Intermountain Healthcare Facilities in Utah. Stratus Video Interpreting offers translation and interpreting services in almost 200 spoken and signed languages.

While the Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare already has interpreting services in-house, they will greatly expand and improve their interpreting and translating with the addition of Stratus videos iPad-based translation services.

Utah is currently the eighth fastest growing population in the United States, where Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Croatian, Vietnamese, and Navajo are some of the most in-demand translation services required.

“We are proud of Stratus’ successful partnership with Intermountain Healthcare, and we are dedicated to helping them provide the highest standard of care to LEP patients throughout Utah and from neighboring states,” said David Fetterolf, President of Stratus Video Interpreting. “When patients are able to communicate in their native language, it substantially reduces the risk of misunderstandings that can lead to costly or even fatal mistakes. It also helps put LEP individuals at ease, lessening the fear or anxiety many experience in medical settings.”

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