Tactio Touts Sophisticated Remote Patient Monitoring mHealth Solution

Tactio Touts Sophisticated Remote Patient Monitoring mHealth SolutionThis week, Tactio announced that it’s flagship mHealth app TactioHealth now integrates a Diabetes Management add-on option that will help with glucose tracking, prescription compliance and day-to-day education.

TactioDiabetes will be available on the AppStore by May 30th.

“Using TactioDiabetes, Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational Diabetes patients will improve the control of this alarming and growing chronic disease,” says Dr. Andre Piccolomini, mHealth & Wellness Advisor at Tactio Health Group.

“Moreover,” Dr. Piccolomini adds, “physicians can now extend the reach of their care while expanding the scope to a broader number of diabetes patients with enhanced disease tracking delivering just-in-time patient education coaching for a fraction of the current patient monitoring cost, by exploiting the power of the mHealth business model.”

According to this week’s announcement, the aforementioned diabetes-management tool will help patients easily track several aspects of their lifestyle, including:

  • Glucose / A1C Tracking
  • Meal / Carb Tracking
  • Medication Tracking
  • Insulin Adjustments
  • Carb to Insulin Ratio
  • Diabetes Specific Health Coaching
  • Hypo and Hyperglycemia Management
  • Weight, Blood Pressure and Lipid Tracking
  • Physical Activity and Daily Steps Tracking
  • Health Professional Appointments
  • Multi-Vendor eHealth Scales, BP, Pedometers and Glucometers support
  • Comprehensive Health Report (PDF)

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