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NFC, Smartphones & T-Mobile’s 4G Network Come Together For Unique mHealth Sleep Monitoring Solution

Even though we’re still a few years away from NFC hitting critical mass with mobile users in the US, the potential it provides in the mHealth space is significant.  As an early example, a new collaboration between T-Mobile, a non-profit healthcare organization and a health IT startup prove how effective the technology can be if implemented properly.

It was announced today that Meridian Health, a leading not-for-profit healthcare organization, and iMPak Health, a joint venture of Swedish-based chip developer Cypak A.B have debuted their “SleepTrak sleep monitoring” offerings via  T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G network.

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Verizon Launches HD Teleconferencing App For iPad/Smartphones Aimed Squarely at mHealth

We’ve talked a lot recently about what AT&T is doing in the mHealth space, but it looks like Verizon isn’t wasting any time either.  At the recent Verizon Developers Conference in Las Vegas, the nation’s largest wireless operator debuted a new mobile HD video conferencing tool for businesses — a tool aimed squarely at the mHealth market.

The tool, which includes an app called FuzeMeeting, allows users the ability to start multi-party HD video conferences from their smartphones and tablets.  The solution also allows you to collaborate with documents, video and images face-to-face while leveraging the speed of Verizon’s 4G LTE data network.   While the solution is applicable in a wide range of industries, healthcare comes to mind as the most prominent.  Medical staff can remotely access patient X-Rays, obtain live video consultation with doctors and instantly collaborate with a pool of experts through video conferencing, among many other use cases.

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