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American Academy of Pediatrics Updates Child Health Tracker App

American Academy of Pediatrics Updates Child Health Tracker AppThe American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) announced this week that it has updated its award-winning Child Health Tracker app.

For the month of February, the organization says, the app will be offered to parents free of charge. The app is regularly priced at $4.99.

“In addition to giving parents the power of on-demand access to their child(ren)’s health information via their smartphone, the AAP added valuable features such as a medication tracker module that allows parents to post medication information for each of their children, set alerts, add dosage information, note side effects, etc.” the AAP said in a provided statement.
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American Academy of Pediatrics Backs Electronic Prescribing

This week the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a policy statement with regard to electronic prescribing.

The AAP formally recommends that pediatric healthcare providers capitalize on electronic prescribing capabilities to improve quality of care while simultaneously reducing its associated costs.

Prescribing error rates in children were estimated to be between 5% and 27% in a recent systematic review, the statement reads.

Prescribing errors are most prevalent with antibiotic agents but may occur even with medications that do not require weight-based dosing.

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Study Finds Pediatricians Steadily Favoring SMS Over Pagers, Yet HIPAA Fears Remain

The University of Kansas School of Medicine out of Wichita conducted an interesting study recently that asked physicians at pediatric hospitals what form of communication they prefer for “brief communication” while on the job.

Out of 106 physicians polled, 27 percent named texting their preferred method, compared to 23 percent that favored hospital-issued pagers and 21 percent that said face-to-face conversation.  Among the survey pool, 57 percent reported sending or receiving work-related text messages.  “We are using text messaging more and more to communicate with other physicians, residents and even to transfer a patient to a different unit,” lead investigator Dr. Stephanie Kuhlmann said in an AAP press release.  “The way that physicians are communicating appears to be shifting away from the traditional pager method.  Personally, I probably get 50 to 100 text messages during a shift,” she added.”

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