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mHealth Market on the Move: Home Monitoring for Elderly

mHealth Market on the Move Home Monitoring for ElderlyAccording to a new report from ABI Research, over the next five years a new generation of elderly home care services will drive wearable device shipments to more than 44 million by 2019 (that’s up from 6 million in 2013).

Shipments of wearable devices linked to elderly care systems will more than double in 2014 from the previous year.

Tech-savvy families are turning to home monitoring solutions to make sure that their aging family member’s safety and wellness are being monitored. Niche players including BeClose, GrandCare Systems, and others have emerged to capitalize on a combination of market demand and the potential to leverage connected devices and systems.

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Activity Trackers Dominate Smartwatch Sales

Activity Trackers Dominate Smartwatch SalesContrary to past reports on the unprecedented surging sales of smartwatches, it turns out that activity trackers are hotter commodities.

Citing data from ABI Research, MobileMarketingWatch reports that Activity Trackers actually dominated sales of wearable devices in Q1 2014, outselling much-hyped smartwatches by 4 to 1, with 2.35 million devices shipped.

Fitbit remains the market leader, with a majority share, but will face more competition in Q2 2014 and over the course of the year, especially with Samsung about to launch the hybrid Samsung Gear Fit.

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Businesses Making a ‘Healthy’ Investment in Wearables

Businesses Making a 'Healthy' Investment in WearablesGrowing at a CAGR value of 56.1% over the next five years, wearable device technologies will become an integral part of enterprise mobile enablement strategies, ABI Research revealed in a new report shared with our sister site Mobile Marketing Watch on Thursday morning.

As expected, the North American region will be the largest and grow at a CAGR value of 39% over the next five years. More interestingly, the Asia-Pacific region will become the second largest market outpacing Europe by 2019 with a CAGR of 90%.

“There are cases being made for wearables in the enterprise despite the relative newness of the technology,” says ABI Research senior enterprise analyst Jason McNicol. “However, which wearables are primed for enterprise usage and adoption is a more important question. Wearable technology such as smart glasses and those used for healthcare are better suited for the enterprise as corporate-liable devices. Smartwatches, on the other hand, will most likely follow the trend of BYOD into the enterprise.”

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What Will Drive Healthcare Big Data Adoption?

What Will Drive Healthcare Big Data AdoptionAccording to a new report from ABI Research, integrating consumer wearable health devices will drive healthcare big data adoption as this decade progresses.

This year close to 42 million wearable wireless sports, fitness and wellness devices will ship worldwide.

“As consumers continue to use these devices from players such as Fitbit, Nike, Jawbone and others to track their levels of activity, there is growing impetus to also leverage the data to inform health management and healthcare provision,” analysts with ABI reveal in the new report.
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ABI: Interest in Health to Drive 90M Wearable Device Shipments This Year

ABI Interest in Health to Drive 90M Wearable Device Shipments This YearAs punctuated across headlines multiple times this year through the medical and tech news spaces, wearable technologies are on fire today, as consumer health objectives are driving this unmistakable boom.

This year, ABI says in a new report published over the weekend, wearable technology will be characterized by the diversity of products, but only the product categories with a clear use-case and therefore target audience will succeed.

ABI Research projects the wearable device sales volumes in 2014 to come from healthcare and sports and activity trackers. While, the commercial launch of several smart glass products, including Google Glass will continue to drive interest in the wearable space, it will not be a significant commercial success in 2014.

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ABI: 5 Million Disposable Wireless Sensors to Ship in 2018

ABI 5 Million Disposable Wireless Sensors to Ship in 2018According to the latest data and corresponding projections from ABI Research, the market for disposable wireless Medical Body Area Network (MBAN) sensors within professional healthcare is growing.

Although ABI concedes that today’s market is still in its “earliest stages,” the key foundations to support adoption are now in place.

By 2018, ABI estimates, close to 5 million disposable sensors will be shipped even though MBAN sensors will have still barely penetrated the addressable market.

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ABI: Number of Wearable Wireless Devices in Healthcare to Reach 169.5M in 2017

New research out yesterday from ABI suggests the market for wearable wireless devices in healthcare will grow to nearly 170M by 2017.

This figure represents a CAGR of  more than 41% based on the market showing just 20.77M such devices at the end of 2011.  ABI’s research also includes wearable sports and fitness devices as well, showing the increased usage of devices that collect and automatically share data online from the likes of Nike, Adidas, Motorola and others.  In addition, mobile handset accessory vendors, consumer electronic companies, fitness management and online service providers are quickly joining a market that’s long been the “preserve of specialist, high-end vendors such as Polar and Garmin.”

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