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First Look: Amdocs Launches Smartbot

On Tuesday, MHW learned that Amdocs — a top provider of software and services to communications and media companies — has launched Smartbot, an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-based bot that enables digital service providers (DSPs) to provide customer care, sales and marketing engagements to even the most discerning millennial.

We’re told that Amdocs Smartbot with Microsoft Cognitive Services, specifically Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service and Text Analytics API, provides leading DSPs with the ability to transform how they deliver highly personalized, self-service interactions with customers that are simple, quick and helpful.

As an Amdocs commissioned global study that surveyed over 7,000 consumers and enterprises today revealed, bots lack the intelligence and emotional awareness to address complex consumer issues and must evolve from rules-based bots to AI smartbots.

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Amdocs Bringing Real-Time Intelligence to the Heart of a Communications Business

Amdocs Launches Amdocs Cloud-FusionKicking off Mobile World Congress with a bang, Amdocs — a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies —  is rolling out something called aia.

aia, we’re told, is an industry-specific digital intelligence platform that implements business logic to automate and modernize a service provider’s business, enabling the ‘self-driving telco’: a business that can auto-adapt, using real-time data to feed processes and take action.

According to details emailed to MMW this morning, the platform combines Amdocs’ extensive domain expertise in managing business processes with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities from global partners, including cognitive computing services from the IBM Watson platform.
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Sunrise Taps Amdocs to Improve Customer Service

header-bannerAmdocs, a leading provider of customer experience solutions, announced Wednesday that Sunrise — the largest private service provider in Switzerland offering mobile, fixed, broadband Internet and TV services — has selected to enhance its existing Amdocs customer management solution to further digitalize its call center operations.

Following rollout, Sunrise “will be able to equip its call-center agent screens with a single, intuitive and process-driven interface, unified across lines of business, with easy-to-use widgets.”

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AT&T and Amdocs Confirm New Collaboration

AT&T and Amdocs Confirm New CollaborationThis week, Amdocs confirmed to MMW that it will be the integrator for telecommunications companies and cloud developers who want to use AT&T’s ECOMP platform to build their own software-centric network services.

According to a provided announcement, AT&T created and developed ECOMP and recently committed to releasing that code into open source.

“Amdocs will help companies deploy that open source software into their own networks. ECOMP is a vital tool for service providers struggling to meet today’s network demands while preparing for an even greater load in the next few years from applications like virtual reality and augmented reality, 4K video and the Internet of Things,” a provided statement reads.

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Amdocs Launches Amdocs Cloud-Fusion

Amdocs Launches Amdocs Cloud-FusionAmdocs, a leading provider of customer experience solutions, today announced a new solution called Amdocs Cloud-Fusion in collaboration with Microsoft.

The solution, we’re told, enables service providers to provide connectivity and more secure cloud applications for enterprise and small-and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It also enables enhanced cloud service offerings such as premium bandwidth, wide area network (WAN) optimization, and committed service level agreements (SLAs).

The solution is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Amdocs and Microsoft to help service providers diversify their business through new cloud offerings optimized for enterprise customers that ensure service agility and an improved customer experience.

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