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drchrono Touts New Medical API Partners

apidrchrono, Inc. — a leading Electronic Health Record (EHR), revenue cycle management (RCM) and practice management platform on the iPad, iPhone and web — announced this week that it has launched four new medical API partners adding new capabilities to its robust platform.

drchrono’s newest API partners include Health Gorilla, Inuvio, Medisafe and Wink Health.

According to an announcement shared with MHW, drchrono currently has over seven hundred developers in its program creating essential apps and solutions for the healthcare industry.

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In Nod to Booming Market, DataMotion Introduces New API Program for Healthcare

In Nod to Booming Market, DataMotion Introduces New API Program for HealthcareIt’s no secret that healthcare’s need for improved efficiency, service delivery, patient safety, and communication between patients and providers is a major driver of the global electronic health record (EHR) market.

In fact, that market is expected to zoom to $29.81 billion by 2022.

Encryption alone could be huge.

“Continued data breaches and increasing compliance regulations have made protecting data a foremost concern of executives, with projections for the global encryption software market alone to grow from $1.85 billion in 2014 to $4.82 billion by 2019,” notes a statement provided to mHealthWatch.

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Klappo Making mHealth App Development Easy on the Stomach

Klappo Making mHealth App Development Easy on the StomachIt goes without saying that there’s a mammoth market for mHealth apps today. And it’s growing almost as quickly as consumer’s appetite for mHealth devices and solutions.

This week, Klappo made it known that it wants to help UK developers capitalize on opportunities related to mHealth apps. At TechCrunch Disrupt NYC, the company formally unveiled Sensum.io, which is a new API for entrepreneurial app developers.

Specifically, the API helps developers create health and wellness apps much quicker and more cost effectively than previously possible through more conventional methods.
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Kaiser Permanente Rolls Out API for mHealth App Development

Kaiser Permanente Rolls Out API for mHealth App DevelopmentKaiser Permanente has just released a new API to go along with its very bold public encouragement to developers in hopes they will soon get to work creating tomorrow’s top mHealth smartphone applications.

“We’re looking for people to develop apps that offer value to our members” says Philip Fasano, Kaiser Permanente’s chief information officer.

As one of the nation’s biggest not-for-profit health plans, the company believes its API will inspire developers to do their greatest work.

“This is new territory for this industry. We have particular responsibility to our members; we need to be thoughtful about opening capabilities,” Fasano adds.

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Bluetooth Low Energy Apps Target mHealth Market

Cambridge Consultants has designed new Bluetooth low energy (BLE) iPhone 4S applications, which may play a large role in the future development of the mobile health market. These apps have been developed to operate on CSR’s BLE devices, which Cambridge Consultants has worked to specialize with the company in order to create tools and device software that will be useful to those developers who are looking to create iOS and Mac OS applications.

BLE is aimed at the mHealth market as a means of establishing ultra-low power connectivity and data transfer. This can be used with applications, such as blood pressure monitors, which have been previously limited by power consumption, size, and compatibility constraints. In order to make this a reality, Cambridge Consultants aims to demonstrate how to optimize both the Bluetooth and mobile device performance within mHealth with these BLE applications.

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mobileStorm Launches the Latest Version of its HIPAA-Compliant, Cloud-based mHealth Communication Platform

mobileStorm today announced the launch of the latest version of its “mobileStorm for Healthcare” platform, a secure mobile messaging solution that allows HIPAA-compliant transmission of PHI (Protected Health Information) to members and patients via mobile devices.

The newest version of mobileStorm’s solution extends the ability to send messages from the previously available API integration to a SaaS based dashboard, designed from the ground up to manage member audiences, create and send healthcare communication as well as run powerful reports on their performance.  mobileStorm for Healthcare was originally launched in early 2011 as a platform that can “mobile-enable” systems by connecting to any CRM, database or electronic medical record repository via an API  (Application Programming Interface) and creating a secure message pipeline to a customizable inbox that can be placed within any smart phone app via an SDK.

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