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Heart Rate Smartphone App Sees 10 Million Downloads In One Year

It was announced today that “Instant Heart Rate,” a mobile app developed by Azumio that uses biofeedback to monitor your heart rate, has hit 10 million total downloads just a year after launching.

The app, available for iOS and Android, measures a user’s heart rate in only 10 seconds by using their smartphone’s camera and flash to track color changes in the light that passes through the index finger as new blood is delivered with every heartbeat.  Fully and independently tested by nurses, MDs, EMTs and fitness coaches, Instant Heart Rate operates on the same principle as the medical pulse oximeters placed over the fingertip in a doctor’s office for a quick pulse reading. Simply place your finger over the camera lens in your smartphone, hold it steady, and the app will display your current heart rate on the screen in 10 seconds or less with no external sensors required.

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