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The Countdown to Apple Watch is on

The Countdown to Apple Watch is on   Apple Watch apple For weeks, we’ve heard rumbling that Apple would hold a late February media event to both roll out new products and give the world one final demo of Apple Watch before the eagerly anticipated wearable ships in April.

But it now seems all but certain that Apple won’t be holding any media events this month. So what’s behind the delay? Sources close to Apple cite a myriad of factors.

First, Apple’s purportedly enterprise-targeted iPad — the “iPad Pro” — might not yet be ready for prime time. The same may also be true of the next MacBook that’s been in the works for some time now.

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Apple Rushed to the Hospital

Apple Rushed to the Hospital   mHealth hospitals HealthKit apple Apple is being rushed to the hospital in 2015. And, if all goes as planned, the world’s leading mobile tech maker may soon be admitted to a hospital near you.

A new report from Reuters indicates that Apple’s HealthKit platform is now being actively tested in more than half of all leading U.S. hospitals.

“Fourteen of 23 top hospitals contacted by Reuters said they have rolled out a pilot program of Apple’s HealthKit service – which acts as a repository for patient-generated health information like blood pressure, weight or heart rate – or are in talks to do so,” the report reads.

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The Countdown to Apple Watch Begins

The Countdown to Apple Watch Begins   wearables wearable tech Tim Cook Mobile Devices Apple Watch apple Approximately 90 days. That’s the estimated time-frame for launch of Apple’s long-awaited smartwatch called Apple Watch.

On Tuesday, after Apple reported a staggering $18.04 billion in profit last quarter — driven by sales of nearly 75 million iPhones — CEO Tim Cook spoke with reporters on the company’s earnings call and finally answered the tech world’s most persistent question: When will Apple Watch arrive?

We can now confirm that “early 2015″” means April 2015. In fewer than three months, Apple Watch will be inbound for your wrist (if you’re among those who actually want one).
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mHealth Apps Market Ready to ‘Transform and Roll Out’

mHealth Apps Market Ready to ‘Transform and Roll Out’   Samsung mHealth apps mHealth Google apple It sounds like a quote from Optimus Prime. But, in reality, it’s the mHealth apps market that is ready to “transform and roll out.” The only question is: Who will lead this nascent market?

With Apple, Google, and Samsung joining the mHealth market, more and more dominant transformations are plausible in the future. And right now, it’s anyone’s market for the taking.

ABI Research has been taking a close look at the market. The initial results show that, the 2-year study of the most popular health and fitness apps “reveals very little continuity in the popularity of specific mHealth applications.”

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Apple’s Plans for Fitbit Remain Murky

Apples Plans for Fitbit Remain Murky   mobile health news mobile health Mobile Devices mHealth HealthKit CNET Apple Store apple Two months ago, Apple lifted the veil on its inaugural smartwatch. But with no immediate plans to launch Apple Watch (we’re still told that “early 2015″ is when the wearable device will reach consumers) Apple has continued to sell competing products.

But not online.
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Mayo Clinic App Now in Step with Apple’s HealthKit

Mayo Clinic App Now in Step with Apples HealthKit   mHealth news mHealth app Mayo Clinic apple As mHealthWatch previously reported late last month, following some unexpected glitches and subsequent delays in the first wave launch of HealthKit apps for iOS 8, Apple has finally managed to work out the bugs.

In the first 8 days of October, countless players large and small across the healthcare industry have announced integration with Apple’s HealthKit, the latest of which is Mayo Clinic.

The NBC News affiliate in Rochester, Minnesota reports that Mayo Clinic’s app is now completely integrated with HealthKit.

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iHealth Confirms ‘Expansive Integration’ with Apple’s HealthKit

iHealth Confirms Expansive Integration with Apples HealthKit   mHealth iOS 8 iHealth HealthKit apps apple Despite the fact that Apple’s HealthKit has only been available for a matter of days, scores of leading developers, healthcare companies, and mHealth innovators are already integrating with Apple’s mobile health platform.

Just this week, iHealth Lab announced that three of their mobile health apps (My Vitals, My Vitals 2.0 and SpO2) and nine corresponding personal mobile health devices are now integrated with HealthKit in iOS 8.

“With user permission,” the company says, “customers have the power to automatically share readings from their iHealth devices with the new Health app giving them a central dashboard to review their most important health data, and make that data available to others including doctors and health providers.”

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