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Discovering What Works: Intel-GE Care Innovations Partners with Xavier University to Study Apps, Tech

Discovering What Works Intel-GE Care Innovations Partners with Xavier University to Study Apps, TechThe talk about telemedicine and the increasing digital healthcare tech are creating a huge market for new apps and strategies.

But who really knows what works? A new partnership may fill the information gap.

Intel-GE Care Innovations just announced its partnership with Xavier University’s Center for Innovation to test and analyze health peripherals and mobile applications that are intended to help people manage their health.

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New App Store for Health Professionals Planned

New App Store for Health Professionals PlannedEpic Systems Corp. recently divulged plans to launch its own app store for healthcare professionals.

Such a move could invite developers and companies to produce countless new apps compatible with Epic’s electronic health records systems.

According to published reports, the app store will launch in a few weeks.

“We think Epic is big now? This will cement their long-term legacy. It’s exactly the right thing to do,” Mark Bakken, co-founder and former chief executive of Nordic Consulting, is quoted by The Wisconsin State Journal.
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New App Designed for Clinical Skin Cancer Diagnosis

New App Designed for Clinical Skin Cancer DiagnosisThe power of mobile technology in the war on cancer is on full display in time for World Cancer Day 2015.

According to an announcement shared with mHealthWatch on Wednesday morning, general practitioners, physicians and dermatologists in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia are being asked for their feedback during the “advanced trial phase of a new, free app that has the potential to play a vital role in the clinical detection of skin cancer.”

Developed by Lūbax, the app at the center of it all is being touted as the world’s first skin identification system.
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‘Lifesaving’ Mobile Apps Go Globe Hopping

'Lifesaving' Mobile Apps Go Globe HoppingOn Thursday morning, mHealthWatch was briefed by the folks at Health eVillages, a program of the not-for-profit Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization and Physicians Interactive.

The organization, which is based on the belief that “no one should be denied the basic right to healthcare because they were born poor or live in a community without access to care,” says that its “lifesaving” mobile apps are now available in six countries throughout the world.

Clinicians use the organization’s mobile devices and content to “access decision support information for infant and maternal health, internal medicine, tropical medicine, HIV/AIDS, pediatrics, dermatology, drug dosage and interactions, and anesthesiology.”
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New App Shares the Gritty Side of Restaurants

New App Shares the Gritty Side of RestaurantsGeorgia natives Chris Peoples and Jake Van Dyke have recently introduced their new app called What the Health, an innovative mobile platform that allows users to view what specific violations a restaurant has committed to earn low marks.

According to a comprehensive profile from Takepart.com, the two thought of the idea after finding it difficult to navigate and search for information on the Georgia Health Department’s website. The app allows users to search a specific restaurant by name or location to find out more about their cleanliness and to see their overall grade and details of health code violations.

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mHealth App to Focus on Post-Op Care

nHealth App to Focus on Post-Op CareUsing a $500,000 federal grant, UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health researchers are developing a smartphone app which allows patients to securely photograph and send images of their post-operative wounds to their doctor, according to a local ABC News report.

Thirty percent of surgical wounds become infected and most of these infections develop within two or three weeks after discharge. Department of Surgery Chair Dr. Craig Kent says that the app trial will involve patients from vascular surgeries, and because many vascular surgery patients are seniors, the app will need to be very easy to use.

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iHealth Confirms ‘Expansive Integration’ with Apple’s HealthKit

iHealth Confirms 'Expansive Integration' with Apple's HealthKit Despite the fact that Apple’s HealthKit has only been available for a matter of days, scores of leading developers, healthcare companies, and mHealth innovators are already integrating with Apple’s mobile health platform.

Just this week, iHealth Lab announced that three of their mobile health apps (My Vitals, My Vitals 2.0 and SpO2) and nine corresponding personal mobile health devices are now integrated with HealthKit in iOS 8.

“With user permission,” the company says, “customers have the power to automatically share readings from their iHealth devices with the new Health app giving them a central dashboard to review their most important health data, and make that data available to others including doctors and health providers.”

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