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AT&T Acquiring Straight Path Communications for $1.6B

AT&T and Amdocs Confirm New CollaborationOn Monday, AT&T confirmed plans to acquire Straight Path Communications Inc. in a deal worth a reported $1.6 billion.

According to the report from MarketWatch, Straight Path shareholders are in line to receive $95.63 a share in AT&T stock.

The deal, which may not close for up to a year, “will support AT&T’s leadership in 5G, which will accelerate the delivery of new experiences for consumers and businesses like virtual and augmented reality, telemedicine, autonomous cars, smart cities and more,” AT&T said in a statement quoted by MarketWatch.

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AT&T Aiming to Boost Connections for Internet of Things

AT&T and Amdocs Confirm New CollaborationAccording to an announcement from the telecommunications giant on Thursday, AT&T is working with technology leaders to show how new LTE-M technology will bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to a new generation of devices and markets.

AT&T plans to pilot the LTE-M network in the San Francisco market starting in November.

The company will launch the technology across its commercial LTE network in 2017.

LTE-M technology will connect a wide variety of IoT solutions such as smart utility meters, asset monitoring, vending machines, alarm systems, fleet, heavy equipment, mHealth and wearables.
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AT&T and Amdocs Confirm New Collaboration

AT&T and Amdocs Confirm New CollaborationThis week, Amdocs confirmed to MMW that it will be the integrator for telecommunications companies and cloud developers who want to use AT&T’s ECOMP platform to build their own software-centric network services.

According to a provided announcement, AT&T created and developed ECOMP and recently committed to releasing that code into open source.

“Amdocs will help companies deploy that open source software into their own networks. ECOMP is a vital tool for service providers struggling to meet today’s network demands while preparing for an even greater load in the next few years from applications like virtual reality and augmented reality, 4K video and the Internet of Things,” a provided statement reads.

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AT&T Rolls Out New Solution for ‘Mobile Peace of Mind’

AT&T Rolls Out New Solution for 'Mobile Peace of Mind'In response to the alarming reality that one-third of adults over the age of 65 suffer a fall each year, the use of mobile technology has never been more important in offering senior care and elderly patient monitoring.

To that end, AT&T says it wants to provide peace of mind for the elderly and their families through the launch of AT&T EverThere, a small wearable device that can detect falls and quickly identify location.

EverThere became available through the AT&T website on Wednesday.

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AT&T Exec Forecasts The Perfect Storm In mHealth Transformation

AT&T Exec Forecasts The Perfect Storm In mHealth TransformationGeeta Nayyar, Chief Medical Information Officer at AT&T, has just published an optimistic new commentary on the state of mHealth that forecasts how and why the mHealth transformation taking place will continue.

According to Nayyar, innovative processes and technology are fast replacing yesterday’s inefficient practices, and they all have an important common denominator: the patient.

“Putting the patient at the center of the discussion allows us to bring forward engaging technology, where they can be more in control of their health,” Nayyar says.

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AT&T Enters Home Health Management with Numera

With the telehealth market expected to exceed $6 billion by 2020, it’s not surprising in the least that we’re beginning to see large partnerships form in this burgeoning space.

Declaring that continuity of care is critical for better health, AT&T announced this week that it is entering the home health management realm through a new partnership with Numera.

Targeting individuals living with chronic conditions, AT&T will now serve as the wireless network and location services provider for Numera Libris.

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AT&T, Verizon Tip Hat to Health in New Board Appointments

Verizon and AT&T – the two largest mobile operators in the Unites States, respectively – have announced new appointments to their individual boards.

And both appointments are veritable tips of the hat to health and the growing importance of technology’s fusion with healthcare, particularly in the mobile realm.

It’s a trend that MHW observed with crystal clarity at CES 2013 last month.

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