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Cloudy Days Ahead: IDC Sheds Light in New Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker

Op-Ed Can the Cloud Make it Rain Cost SavingsAccording to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker, vendor revenue from sales of infrastructure products (server, storage, and Ethernet switch) for cloud IT, including public and private cloud, grew by 9.2% year over year to $32.6 billion in 2016.

We’re told that vendor revenue for the fourth quarter (4Q16) grew at 7.3% to $9.2 billion.

Cloud IT infrastructure sales as a share of overall worldwide IT spending climbed to 37.2% in 4Q16, up from 33.4% a year ago.

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BlackMesh Rolls Out Healthcare Managed Cloud Solution

The Doctor Will See You Now -- from The CloudBlackMesh, a provider of fully-managed dedicated and cloud-based solutions, announced today it is continuing to provide what it calls “innovative technology solutions” to the healthcare market by launching its HIPAA-compliant Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution.

We’re told that the cloud offering is designed to meet the specific technical and regulatory needs of the healthcare industry.
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Op-Ed: Can the Cloud Make it Rain Cost Savings?

Op-Ed Can the Cloud Make it Rain Cost SavingsThe following is a guest contributed post from Karen Holzberger, Vice President and General Manager for Diagnostics at Nuance.

The significant financial challenges facing the healthcare industry are nothing short of intimidating. In addition to the millions of Baby Boomers now eligible for Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, Meaningful Use regulations, and ICD-10 transition, just to name a few, have created a running expense tab for healthcare organizations, and no one with the resources to pay the bill. In fact, a study from the The Advisory Board states that hospitals that continue operating at their current pace could face as much as a 19 percent drop in profit margin over the next 10 years.

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The Doctor Will See You Now — from The Cloud

The Doctor Will See You Now -- from The CloudWelcome to the new doctor’s office. It’s white, fluffy … and as close as it is far away.

Yes, we’re talking about the new world of telemedicine that could allow doctors to check, consult, diagnose, and more … all from the comfort of a cloud with no seating, no Highlights Magazines, and no Motel 6 artwork on the walls.

The latest announcement comes from CliniCloud’s “Smart Stethoscope And Thermometer” which allows doctors to do something simple — check vitals — from the cloud.

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INetU Brings HIPAA Compliance Dashboard to Health 2.0

INetU Brings HIPAA Compliance Dashboard to Health 2.0This week at Health 2.0, INetU — a customer-centric cloud company – showed off its new HIPAA Compliance Dashboard to those in attendance at the conference.

Ahead of the demonstration, mHealthWatch caught up with David Fowler, VP of Marketing at INetU, to discuss his company’s latest offering and the role INetU looks to play in the healthcare space moving forward.

“INetU has over 17 years of experience hosting HIPAA compliant applications and has invested considerably to help healthcare software solution providers comply with all facets of the regulations when it comes to application hosting,” Fowler tells mHealthWatch. “By relying on the INetU cloud environment, healthcare solution providers can more quickly ensure HIPAA compliance without having to outlay huge capital investments in technology and internal expertise.  Furthermore, the trained experts at INetU can act as trusted advisors in understanding new requirements and preparing for architectural changes that could help limit local access to data.”

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ScienceCloud Aims to Drive Collaborative Drug Discovery

ScienceCloud Aims to Drive Collaborative Drug DiscoveryAccelrys, Inc., a provider of lifecycle management software and related solutions, has launched two new mobile applications supporting key life sciences workflows and real-time collaboration spanning both the ScienceCloud workspace and on-premises systems.

“ScienceCloud is a secure, SaaS-based, mobile-enabled information management and collaboration environment that improves data and knowledge sharing for globally networked researchers,” the company tells mHealthWatch in a written statement.
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Nuance Unveils New Cloud-Based Imaging and Report Exchange

Nuance Unveils New Cloud-Based Imaging and Report ExchangemHealthWatch was privy to a sneak peek earlier this week at PowerShare Network, a new cloud-based imaging and report exchange from Nuance.

Nuance Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of voice and language solutions that has emerged as a major player in the realm of healthcare IT.

Nuance says its PowerShare Network is the industry’s largest cloud-based network for securely connecting physicians, patients, government agencies, specialty medical societies and others to share essential medical images and reports as simply as people exchange information using social networks.

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