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Data Breach Threats Remain The Bane of mHealth

Data Breach Threats Remain The Bane of mHealthWhen it comes to the adoption of mHealth, the threat of patient data breaches continues to imperil the industry’s growth.

Citing data from a small survey that was conducted at the HIMSS14 conference last month, QRcodepress reports that “mHealth adoption could be facing some hurdles until it undergoes some improvements in the area of security.”

The risk of data breaches was the top major barrier identified to be in the way of mobile health technology adoption. After that was the ability to meet compliance and regulatory requirements for the security and privacy of patient information.

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2012 PHI Security Predictions: More Data Breaches, Litigation, Social Media Risks top the List

ID Experts, a Portland-based provider of data breach solutions, has published a new report entitled “Top 11 Trends for 2012 in Healthcare Data,” with many of which relating to mobile access to healthcare information and the security risks involved.

Before looking ahead to 2012, ID Experts offered their summary of the last 12 months by saying “2011 was the year when most physicians had mobile devices, when healthcare became one of the most-breached industries, and the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR) cracked the whip with investigations and multi-million-dollar fines for organizations that didn’t meet their patient privacy obligations.”

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Healthcare Data Breaches Up by 32 Percent

Yesterday we covered a new report and survey sponsored recently from data security consulting firm ID Experts that details the growing trend of healthcare data breaches and security threats, despite improvements in policy management and training at healthcare organizations.

Today, new data was released showing data breaches are actually up 32 percent over last year.  For the study, senior personnel at 72 health care organizations in the administration, clinical, compliance, financial, privacy and security departments were interviewed, and found the three leading causes of increased breaches relate to lost or stolen equipment, errors by third parties and employee mistakes.  In fact, mistakes by employees have led to many data breach increases according to 41 percent of respondents.

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A Case For EHR: HHS Reports Nearly 7.9M Health Records Exposed in Data Breaches

A new report out by the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) proves the need for better organization, regulation and security around sensitive patient health records, a problem digital and mobile technology can help solve.

Since early 2009, there have been more than 30,000 data breaches, affecting nearly 7.9 million people who have had their health records exposed, according to the report.   Thanks to the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, HIPAA-compliant organizations must provide notification to individuals, the Secretary, and sometimes even the media (if more than 500 individuals were affected), of breaches in unsecured health information.

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