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Report: Mobile, Digital ‘House Calls’ Save Time And Money

Report Mobile, Digital 'House Calls' Save Time And MoneyWith our jam-packed schedules, there is simply no time to get sick. When a scratchy throat or other non-emergency health concern arises, it is almost impossible to get in to see your primary health care provider in a reasonable timeframe, particularly with the non-stop demands of work and family. On top of that, many health concerns arise after hours or on the weekends when finding access to healthcare is more of a challenge.

It is for this reason that electronic house calls have becoming the new norm.

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Digital Health Funding Posts Another Record Quarter

Digital Health Funding Posts Another Record QuarterQ1 2014 brought with it a new record in digital health venture funding.

According to the latest data from Rock Health, not only did January set a record month in both deals and dollars, the first quarter of 2014 set an all-time record for digital health funding in a single quarter.

“Nearly $700M in funding poured into the space, paving the way for the biggest year ever for the industry,” the report summary reads. “Q1 2014 experienced a mind blowing 87% year-over-year growth versus Q1 2013.”

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Mayo Clinic Website Receives Top Honors from Sitecore

Mayo Clinic Website Receives Top Honors from SitecoreAs it turns out, Mayo Clinic offers more than just world-class healthcare. It also offers one of the best digital experiences in North America.

On Thursday, Sitecore – a provider of customer experience management software – announced the 2013 Site of the Year winners for North America.

Now in its sixth year, Sitecore Site of the Year recognizes “the leading organizations who use Sitecore to create engaging, personalized digital experiences for every customer that engages with their brand across all channels.”

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Cigna and Samsung Aim to Deliver Digital Health Improvements

Cigna and Samsung Aim to Deliver Digital Health ImprovementsThis week, global health service company Cigna and electronics giant Samsung Electronics officially forged a new partnership for the sake of advancing digital health.

Although mHealthWatch routinely covers mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships in the digital health arena, this one is more robust and rich with potential than most.

The companies, we’re told, have signed a multi-year agreement to co-develop health and wellness related features built into Samsung’s S Health on Samsung’s major smart mobile devices.
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Venture Capital Clings to mHealth

Venture Capital Clings to mHealthIn their mid-year report on the state of digital health investments, health IT incubator firm Rock Health reported venture capital investment in digital health companies grew 12% in the first six months of 2013.

All told, that’s $849 million in venture capital directed toward a market estimated to be valued at $6.6 billion this year and $20.7 billion by 2018.

Nonetheless, some venture capitalists still can’t get enough of the products and applications that make the most of mobile, particularly in the realm of health and fitness.
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Australia Looks to Leapfrog U.S. on Digital Health Access

Australia Looks to Leapfrog U.S. on Digital Health AccessEfforts underway Down Under could result in the United States lagging behind Australia on patient access to digital health services and other resources for the disabled.

The Australian Communications and Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) is seeking legislation that, if enacted, would mandate minimum standards on accessing digital content and communication services for all Australians.

Individuals with disabilities would receive particular attention, a report from ARN reveals.

ACCAN CEO Teresa Corbin told the audience at the M-Enabling Australasia 2013 conference that Australia should take note of the US 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, which aims to enable people with disabilities to have access to broadband, digital and mobile technologies.

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Infographic: The Dark Side of Digital Health

Infographic The Darkside of Digital Health InfographicThere’s definitely a dark side to digital health. And it can be summarized in two words: Self diagnosis.

Dr. Chris Balgobin of Fairview Clinics says it’s becoming a bigger challenge to convince patients that they don’t have the disease or condition that they think they have.

“You need a healthcare professional to break it down for you — that’s what we are trained to do,” Dr. Balgobin says, according to Pew Research Center. “Yes, there are delayed diagnoses. Finding that right provider that will listen to you and help engage you in an active discussion about your health. A physical exam is a huge part of this, too.”
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