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Mobile Health Goes to the Dogs

Mobile Health Goes to the DogsActiv4pets, providers of online and mobile platforms that give pet parents easy access to their pet’s health information along with web-based veterinary consultations, has just announced its new shelter partnership program to provide their platform to pet adopters and shelters across the nation.

According to this morning’s media announcement, shelters that partner with Activ4pets can offer the service to adopters at a dramatically reduced rate, cutting down on paperwork and paving the way for new pet parents to engage with and easily manage the health of their new pets.

“Partnering with humane societies and providing our mobile pet health app to new pet adopters has always been an important part of Activ4pets’ mission,” Florent Monssoh, CEO and founder of Activ4Pets, is quoted in the release. “We want to lend a hand to the community organizations working to save the lives of these animals and empower new pet parents to full and easily engage with the medical history of their new pets for better health and lifelong wellness.”

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mHealth Goes to the Dogs… and Cats

mHealth Goes to the Dogs... and CatsmHealth is being deployed more widespread than ever in the realm of emergency pet care and general well-being.

To that end, a new Red Cross Pet First Aid App aims to put lifesaving information right in the hands of dog and cat owners.

The app is designed for pet owners and caretakers who need to provide emergency care until veterinary assistance is available.

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