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First Look: drchrono Partners with Ambra Health

drchrono Inc. — a company enabling the medical practice of the future — today announced a new partnership with Ambra Health, makers of the leading cloud-based, medical image management suite, to give physicians and radiologists direct access to medical imaging within their electronic health record (EHR).

drchrono’s integration with Ambra Health eliminates jumping between DICOM medical imaging software and electronic health records. Physicians and radiologists benefit from a more efficient workflow by placing a radiology request then having the incoming medical images, including DICOM images, viewable in one destination within the drchrono EHR.

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First Look: drchrono Announces Partnership with HDP Health

MHW was informed Wednesday morning that drchrono Inc. — a company enabling “the medical practice of the future” — has partnered with HDP Health to provide physicians and medical facilities with access to thousands of the latest clinical trials for their patients.

HDP Health software is now integrated with drchrono’s EHR platform and lets the doctor know which of their patients are eligible for clinical trials.

HDP Health supports medical organizations and helps physicians identify which of their patients fit clinical trial criteria and are candidates for clinical trials. The HDP Health system can also identify new clinical trials that are opening up and will notify the medical practices staff about which trials to consider running based on existing patient populations.

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Inferscience Confirms Integration Partnership with drchrono

MHW learned ahead of the weekend that Inferscience, a provider of point-of-care Clinical Decision Support and HCC Risk Adjustment technologies, has forged a new partnership with drchrono, a leading provider of electronic health record, practice management and revenue cycle solutions for physicians and patients.

We’re told that Inferscience’s newly integrated point of care solution, Infera, is now available to drchrono’s growing network of more than 100,000 medical professionals who can now more efficiently standardize evidence-based care delivery and more effectively risk adjust their patient populations.

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drchrono Raises $12M Series A Financing Round

mHealth Market to Reach $6.7B Valuation This YearmHealthWatch learned ahead of the weekend that drchrono Inc., the provider of digital healthcare solutions, announced its 12 million dollar Series A round of funding.

Runa Capital led the 12 million dollar round with other investors including Maxfield Capital, Eric Dunn (CEO of Quicken Inc. and Intuit’s first CTO), and FundersClub participating.

The Series A round will fuel the company’s growth in larger healthcare organizations and revenue cycle management (RCM) business.
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First Look: drchrono Upgrades EHR Platform

doctor-tablet-opt_0MHW learned Tuesday that drchrono Inc., an industry leading Electronic Health Record (EHR), practice management, revenue cycle management (RCM) and medical API platform, has just announced a new version of its award-winning EHR platform.

We’re told that it’s now designed to meet the needs of larger medical practices and provider groups.

“We’ve updated our EHR platform for larger medical practices that need to retire their legacy EMR systems and upgrade to cloud-based technology, real-time business intelligence tools, RCM software and mobile applications,” said Michael Nusimow, CEO and co-founder of drchrono. “drchrono has spent its formative years developing a physician first product building in customization and clinical tools all integrated into one platform. The new features are specifically designed for larger provider groups who need to operate more efficiently, and these features transform what administrators, billers and staff have been using until now.”

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First Look: drchrono Mobile EHR App Gets a Major Update

doctor-tablet-opt_0drchrono, an industry leading Electronic Health Record (EHR), practice management, medical billing and healthcare API platform for mobile and web, confirmed to MHW on Wednesday a major update to its mobile EHR application.

The update to iPad and iPhone app brings new design elements to improve user experience and accessibility, a provided statement reads.

The mobile EHR app is designed to provide consistency in the layout and function of the app while maximizing screen real estate for workflow components. The new design follows Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

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drchrono Builds Innovative Native iOS EHR App

testimonial-2-31a3f7a99fb0drchrono Inc., an industry leading Electronic Health Record (EHR), practice management, revenue cycle management and medical API platform, has announced that it is the first EHR to be certified for Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) on iPad, iPhone and web.

According to details shared with MHW, EPCS within the drchrono EHR app now allows physicians to write and transmit electronic prescriptions for controlled substances to pharmacies, and for pharmacies to easily receive and dispense these prescriptions to patients.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and U.S. states worked together to legalize the use of Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances. Controlled substances are defined as drugs that have potential for abuse and dependence. This initiative made it possible for drchrono to build the first native iOS EPCS-enabled EHR app.

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