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Study: Physician Mobile Requirements Not Being Met

Study Physician Mobile Requirements Not Being MetSpyglass Consulting Group has released an eye-opening new report, their most recent healthcare study entitled Point of Care Communications for Physicians 2014.

Despite the undeniable adoption growth of mobile technology across the healthcare landscape, more than just a little room for further expansion remains. In fact, an entirely world of potential remains largely untapped.

The report shows that upwards of 70 percent of physicians interviewed believe that hospital IT organizations of affiliated hospitals are “making inadequate investments to address physician mobile computing and communication requirements at point of care due to limited planned investments, poor mobile EHR tools, and inadequate mobile user support.”
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New Report Says EMR Effectiveness Saves Lives

New Report Says EMR Effectiveness Saves LivesHIMSS Analytics has published the promising findings of a new study that reveals the life-saving consequences of EMR effectiveness.

HIMSS Analytics, along with clinical data and analytics support from Healthgrades, embarked on the study as a means to “scientifically measure the clinical benefits of EMR adoption.”

The initial findings, researchers say, are encouraging and “compel continued effort to scientifically analyze and communicate the clinical benefits of the EMR.”
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What’s Up, Doc? It’s Fevered Growth in Health IT

What's Up, Doc It's Fevered Growth in Health ITHealth IT vendors are tearing it up. It’s the latest growth area, according to a new report by Mercom Capital. Mercom says the booming industry has logged its first $1 billion quarter in venture capital (VC) funding and is “smashing totals from the entirety of 2013.”

According to EHRIntelligence “population health management, clinical analytics, mHealth, and practice management companies were among the most popular with investors, who see ample opportunity for health IT products to supplement EHRs, improve patient outcomes, and address operational gaps in struggling healthcare organizations.”

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Infographic: The Impact of EHR and Big Data’s Fusion

Infographic The Impact of EHR and Big Data's FusionWithout question, the newly forged and already inextricable link between big data and electronic health records will forever change the course of healthcare information technology.

The ongoing evolution comes plainly into sight thanks to a new infographic from the UC Berkeley School of Information.

In the visual shared below, venture capitalist Vinod Khosla puts it best: “In the next 10 years, data science and software will do more for medicine than all of the biological sciences together.”

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Report: Physicians, Practices Still Concerned with EHR Implementation

Report Physicians, Practices Still Concerned with EHR ImplementationRespondents of the Physicians Practice 2014 Technology Survey, sponsored by Kareo, indicate that tremendous anxiety and concerns persist when it comes to physicians and practices considering EHR implementation.

“As more physicians and medical practices work toward meaningful use of an EHR, getting the technology seamlessly integrated into daily work flow continues to be a main concern,” the report summary reads.

In fact, for the second straight year, EHR adoption and implementation issues were ranked as the most pressing information technology problem by respondents.
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More Attempting to Join Forces with The DoD for Joint Health Care Records

More Attempting to Join Forces with The DoD for Joint Health Care RecordsThere is a multitude of benefits that come with adopting electronic health care records today. And unless this is your first visit to mHealthWatch, you’re likely very familiar with said benefits.

They increase efficiency, reduce the likelihood of misread charts, and sometimes make it easier for physicians to transfer medical records from one physician to the next. They key to that last part, is sometimes.

As a general rule, electronic documents are designed with the intent to increase access and efficiency. In order for this to occur within the healthcare world, the information needs to be easily transferable from one physician to the next. Not only do patient privacy regulations come into play, but so does compatibility.

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InvestMaryland Challenge Awards $100,000 Prize to Well-Deserved mHealth Startups

InvestMaryland Challenge Awards $100,000 Prize To Well-Deserved mHealth StartupsMobile electronics and communication devices have sparked the growth of two new industries in the healthcare field—telemedicine and mHealth. While these two fields have a wide range of possibilities, one of their common advances is the introduction of electronic health records (EHRs).

The initial round of EHRs contained the same information as paper health records, but with the ability to create more in-depth reports and analytics, as well as quickly and easily share long-term healthcare data with multiple healthcare practitioners, EHRs now have the ability to dramatically improve quality of care.

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