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AT&T to Begin Selling Clothing with Embedded Wireless Health Sensors

We knew AT&T was serious about mobile healthcare through its “emerging devices” unit, but the next phase of its rollout takes things to the next level.

The #2 wireless carrier announced recently that it plans to begin offering clothing that includes wireless sensors to track health information.  The new sensors track everything from heart rate, body temperature and other vital signs and uploads the results to a web portal via AT&T’s network.  The company said bio-tracking clothing ties in to the burgeoning “e-wellness” trend.  “People want this kind of feedback about their health,” Glenn Lurie, President of AT&T’s Emerging Devices division said in an interview with Forbes.  “Automatically pushing information to a vertically-integrated site makes things easier.”

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AT&T Debuts “ForHealth,” A Practice Area Dedicated to mHealth, Telehealth, Cloud-Based Solutions & HIEs

We covered the fact that AT&T is getting serious about mHealth technology yesterday, and today it’s been announced that the nation’s #2 carrier is launching “AT&T ForHealth,” a new practice area serving hospitals, insurers, pharma companies, suppliers and physicians with the aim of delivering IT and networking services that help the healthcare industry improve patient care and reduce costs.

The new business unit will be an umbrella of sorts covering four key areas of healthcare; mHealth, telehealth, cloud-based healthcare solutions and Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE).  As part of the new division, AT&T has even hired its first Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO), Dr. Geeta Nayyar.  As one of its first large-scale healthcare initiatives, the company is working with the American Association of Diabetes Educators and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to evaluate mobile devices used to deliver diabetes self-management training in a minority community in Dallas.

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AT&T Has 13M “Emerging Devices” On Its Network, Many of Which Related to mHealth

AT&T says it currently has over 13M so-called “emerging devices” on its wireless network.  While some are related to basic monitoring, vehicle technology and other devices, a vast majority of these devices are healthcare related.

AT&T has long had an interest in mHealth, vowing to make its wireless network and data services available to any medical device or service that needs it.  USA Today recently ran an article detailing two such devices and services that have partnered with AT&T for connectivity.  The first of which is a device called a GlowCap from a company called Vitality.  The devices replaces the top of prescription pill bottles and light up regularly when drugs should be taken.  If a patient forgets to take the medication, a phone call or text message is sent as a reminder using connectivity by AT&T.  “It’s one great example of a simplistic device that will help that whole ecosystem to be more efficient,” says Glenn Lurie, AT&T’s president for emerging devices, national resale and partnerships.

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