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Opinion: The Healthcare Dinner Party

Opinion The Healthcare Dinner PartyThe following is a guest contributed post from AirStrip CEO Alan Portela.

It may not be obvious, but the healthcare industry has been preparing for an enormous dinner party. Over the last several years, innovation vendors like AirStrip have been adding ingredients to our fridges and pantries based on numerous requests from customers. Metaphorically, this would be just about anything you can imagine that will transform clinical collaboration. At this point, companies can support a wide variety of different use cases across the continuum of care. However, the next phase is for healthcare industry to sit down at the table since it has been set up already for the big dinner party. The table and the settings are the EMRs, EHRs, medical device companies, among others. If we keep replacing them we will starve to death. Now, we need to spend more time figuring out what exactly the healthcare providers are trying to cook – getting to know their specific use cases by clinical service lines and working backwards with the ingredients that already exist, rather than waiting for food to appear magically at the table.

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Technology Making Paramedics More Proactive

Technology Making Paramedics More ProactiveTechnology from the San Diego Beacon Health Information Exchange is linking paramedics to hospital EMRs with immensely positive results.

Paramedics, for example, can transmit EKGs ahead of their arrival to waiting doctors, cardiologists, and other medical professionals and specialists who can proactively prepare for and anticipate the ailing patient.

“Our goal for this is really to ensure that we can generate a community of collaborative partners who can learn from each other about what is working and what isn’t working, so that we can really deliver healthcare more efficiently,” explains Dr. Christopher Chute, of the Southeast Minnesota Beacon Program.

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Cleveland Clinic Leading The Charge for Patient Transparency Via EMRs

Cleveland Clinic Leading The Charge for Patient Transparency Via EMRsThe Cleveland Clinic is leading the charge to make patients’ electronic medical records more transparent.

The transparency, officials at the medical facility contend, comes from expanded accessibility for patients in a manner that is secure and convenient.

By enabling patients to access to almost all of the information in their medical files online, Cleveland Clinic says that move will give patients “a more complete picture of their health and empower them to make better, smarter and more economical decisions about their care.”

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Kaiser Permanente Launches Mobile App for Access to Electronic Medical Records

Kaiser Permanente, who already boasts the largest deployment of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) in the world, today announced the launch of a new Android application to allow more than 9 million Kaiser patients to access their medical information on the go.

In addition to its Android app, the healthcare provider is also launching a newly mobile-optimized version of its website located at kp.org to allow anyone with a mobile device to still access their medical information when and where they need it.  Kaiser said it plans to launch a companion app for iOS in the coming months as well.  Through mobile access to their personal health information, Kaiser members now have secure access to lab results, diagnostic information, direct email communication with doctors, and the ability to order prescription refills among other things.

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Survey: Heavy Healthcare Investment in Tablet Devices Expected for 2012

According to new survey data out from market research firm the NPD Group, 75 percent of the small to medium healthcare practices polled are looking to buy tablet devices in 2012.

This is despite a somewhat contradictory report published recently by the West Wireless Health Institute that said less than one percent of hospitals have fully functioning tablet systems in place as we enter 2012, citing lack of development in EMR apps and others that don’t give physicians the same experience they’re used.

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