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Diet Doc Medical Weight Loss Partners with eVisit

MHW learned today that national medical weight loss company, Diet Doc has partnered with healthcare technology company, eVisit to add “a new level of convenience and innovation to their remote patient/doctor consultations.”

We’re told that eVisit’s system integration with Diet Doc will allow patients to conduct video consultations and routine check-ins with their experienced medical team.
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Medical Technology Innovator Partners with eVisit

eVisit Confirms 1 Million Seed RoundMedical technology company Hart is teaming with eVisit to build and integrate eVisit’s technology with hospital providers using Hart’s keystone product, HartOS.

“HartOS works bidirectionally with any source system to support most healthcare interface standards, making it possible to easily and securely connect and pull available data,” the company says. “The result is a powerful, HIPAA-compliant API platform through which information can be rapidly merged and accessed among hospitals, augmenting medical record generation efficiency while maintaining workflow integrity.”

Meanwhile, eVisit’s telehealth technology makes it possible for patients to see a doctor using secure, two-way video conferencing virtually any time of day, anywhere.
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eVisit Becomes First Telemedicine Solution to Fully Integrate with AthenaHealth EHR

press-releasePRESS RELEASE: eVisit, the leading telemedicine software solution for healthcare providers, has just become the very first telemedicine solution to fully integrate with athenahealth’s cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) software. The partnership will allow the approximately 80,000 users of athenahealth’s EHR to seamlessly complete virtual visits with patients using eVisit’s technology.

“This integration is a huge step forward for healthcare providers interested in using a best-in-class telemedicine solution to better care for their own patients,” says Bret Larsen, CEO of eVisit. “With our integration, providers can take advantage of the first fully integrated telehealth solution — from scheduling, charting and billing to the visit itself with the simple click of a button. This kind of development project with athenahealth is what eVisit is all about — creating a physician-first approach to telemedicine.”

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eVisit Serves as Medical Sponsor for 2016 Phoenix Marathon

eVisit Serves as Medical Sponsor for 2016 Phoenix MarathonOn Tuesday,  eVisit — a telemedicine software company based in Arizona — was announced as the medical sponsor of the 2016 Phoenix Marathon, hosted by the City of Mesa.

On Feb. 27, the fourth annual Phoenix Marathon is expected to bring together more than 10,000 runners from all 50 states and 19 different countries, and over 30,000 spectators.
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eVisit Confirms $1 Million Seed Round

eVisit Confirms 1 Million Seed RoundmHealthWatch learned Tuesday morning that eVisit — a physician-first telehealth software company — has successfully filled their $1 million Seed Round of fundraising.

And it all happened in under 7 months.

eVisit, which is a red-hot healthtech startup, offers a telehealth solution that allows healthcare providers to treat their patients remotely via an “online, secure, video chat platform.”
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eVisit Launches Telehealth App for iOS, Android

eVisit Launches Telehealth App for iOS, AndroideVisit, a telehealth company, tells mHealthWatch that they have just launched their mobile app for iOS and Android.

“In addition to the eVisit web app, eVisit’s new mobile app will let physicians provide remote video visits to their patients via mobile device,” a news release explains.

Participating physicians and their patients can download the app to their Apple and Android mobile devices to connect in real-time for diagnosis and treatment of a variety of medical issues.
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eVisit Allows Doctors to Help More Patients Daily

eVisit Allows Doctors to Help More Patients DailyeVisit is a platform that allows doctors to engage with their patients electronically and diagnose or treat them virtually anywhere.

“Doctors and providers can now connect with their existing patients for remote, in-house, in-office, or on the road treatments, and simultaneously facilitate reimbursement for those treatments,” those behind the pioneering platform tell mHealthWatch in a provided statement.

With more people catching even the common cold today, it has become difficult to see one’s doctor unless you have an appointment, on average, about two weeks out.

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