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FCC and FDA Team Up for Joint Workshop

workshopIn a joint statement released to the media this week, the FCC and FDA have announced their agenda for a joint workshop on medical technology innovation and wireless test beds.

We’re told that Chairman Tom Wheeler and Commissioner Mignon Clyburn of the FCC, and Dr. William Maisel, Deputy Director, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, FDA, will address workshop participants.

The workshop is set for next Tuesday, March 31st.
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FCC Calls for Faster Broadband Deployment

FCC Calls for Faster Broadband DeploymentThe FCC announced Thursday that broadband deployment in the United States simply isn’t proceeding at an acceptable pace, especially throughout rural America.

The agency cites broadband deployment as being behind “today’s advanced, high-quality voice, data, graphics and video offerings.”

The FCC’s statement comes immediately after the completion of the 2015 Broadband Progress Report.
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FCC Confirms Establishment of Wireless Heath Task Force

FCC Confirms Establishment of Wireless Heath Task ForceFCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has announced the formation of a new Commission Task Force called CONNECT2HEALTHFCC.

Wheeler says the effort “will bring together the expertise of the FCC on the critical intersection of broadband, advanced technology and health.”

Michele Ellison, chief of the FCC’s enforcement bureau, has been named as the task force’s chairperson.
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Will Net Neutrality Bring a New Beginning For mHealth?

Will Net Neutrality Bring a New Beginning For mHealthThe Federal Communications Commission’s new policy on net neutrality has some speculating about the “end of the Internet,” yet this extreme opinion misses the new positive opportunities net neutrality brings with it. Not to mention, a modern world without internet is just not realistic.

The ruling by the FCC states that broadband providers no longer have to treat all Internet traffic equally. This now opens the doors for mobile app developers and telehealth to capitalize on this new area of opportunity.

Since the need for internet services, particularly wireless services, does nothing but grow each year, it will cost more to strain the wireless spectrum, and those who want a slice of the pie must be willing to pay a pretty penny.

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mobileStorm Fighting for Mobile’s Future in Healthcare

mobileStorm Fighting for Mobile's Future in HealthcareMobile devices and communications services have profoundly and permanently transformed everything from how healthcare is administered to how patients and healthcare providers interact. As a result, scores of mobile marketers and other healthcare professionals across the industry are watching closely the developments in Washington that could complicate much of the aforementioned progress we’ve seen.

This week, mobileStorm – an industry leading communication service provider – shared its thoughts on the Digital Marketing Blog in response to the new rules governing mobile marketing that were implemented by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last fall.

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FCC Issues Important Announcement Regarding 911

FCC Quietly Taps New Director of Health Care InitiativesAccording to an announcement from the Federal Communications Commission, the FCC has just adopted rules requiring wireless carriers and certain other text messaging providers to send an automatic “bounce-back” text message to consumers who try to text 911 where text-to-911 service is not available.

The FCC says the measure is designed to protect the public by substantially reducing the risk of consumers sending a text message to 911 and mistakenly believing that 911 authorities have received it.

“Instead, consumers will receive an immediate response that text-to-911 is not supported and to contact emergency services by another means, such as by making a voice call or using telecommunications relay services (if deaf, hard of hearing, or speech disabled) to access 911,” the announcement reads.
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States Could Do Better with Enhanced 911 Funds

States Could Do Better with Enhanced 911 FundsAccording to a new GAO report, states can and should do more to boost wireless Enhanced 911. And the FCC should do the pushing.

Wireless E911 service refers to the capability of 911 call takers to automatically receive location information from 911 callers using mobile phones. The current E911 system is not designed to accommodate emergency communications from the range of new technologies in common use today that support text, data, and video.

Data collected by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) shows that all 50 states and the District of Columbia reported collecting funds for wireless E911 implementation.

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