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Fitness Category Giving Health Apps The Best Workout

Fitness Category Giving Health Apps The Best WorkoutAccording to the findings of a September 2013 survey from AYTM Market Research, more than three-quarters of respondents are “at least somewhat concerned about their health,” a major reason why millions of mobile users around the world are now using mHealth apps.

Corresponding coverage from eMarketer today notes that the greatest percentage of respondents — 50.9%—reported using fitness apps, followed immediately by 50.3% who used general health apps.

Diet apps were popular with just over three out of 10 respondents. Those apps targeted to specific diseases were less popular, although this is likely—hopefully, really—because fewer people suffer from a chronic condition that would necessitate its own app. Still, 17.6% reported using one.

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Fitness App Downloads Are Getting A Big Workout

Fitness App Downloads Are Getting A Big WorkoutFitness apps are being downloaded so fast that developers are breaking a sweat as they break the bank.

Profitable and popular, fitness app installs are poised to grow substantially by 2017.

Devices supporting the sports and fitness industry are generally considered one of the fastest growing segments within consumer electronics, and because of this, sports and fitness monitoring technologies are experiencing a surge of interest from end-device manufacturers as well as software and application developers…

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Report Shows Surging Popularity of Pregnancy Apps

A new Citrix ByteMobile Mobile Analytics Report is providing insight into the growing popularity of fitness mobile apps. In fact, when it comes to women’s heath, there’s only one category of apps that seems to be more in-demand – pregnancy apps.

There are a wide range of popular mobile applications specific to personal health – these include: fitness trackers, pregnancy and women’s health monitors, calorie counters, medical information, sleep cycle trackers, and relaxation tools.

On average, the Citrix report shows, 39% of subscribers using one or more mobile health applications use a fitness-specific app. Fitness applications generate the most mobile data traffic around 6:00 p.m.

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Surgeon General Announces Four Winners of “Healthy Apps Challenge”

Back in December at the mHealth Summit, the Surgeon General’s office launched a challenge that called on mobile app developers to create apps in three different categories; healthy eating & nutrition; physical fitness/activity; and integrative health and well-being.

In the healthy eating category, joint winners were selected as “equally outstanding submissions,” including GoodGuide — an app that makes it easy to get the information you need about your food, personal care and household products to aid in making healthy decisions — as well as Fooducate, which uses barcode scanning to allow you to scan the products you buy to quickly get information on that food’s health value.

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