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Walgreens Publishes New Flu Index Infographic

Walgreens Publishes New Flu Index InfographicAlthough flu season is nearing an end, cases of this year’s particularly tough strain of the dreaded virus are on the upswing in several states.

Harnessing the full power of the digital age to spread awareness and hopefully not the virus, Walgreens has just published its latest Flu Index, a weekly report and corresponding infographic developed to provide state- and market-specific information regarding flu activity, and ranking of those experiencing the highest incidences of influenza across the country.

“With the ability to generate hyper-local data that’s as specific as a single zip code, the Index aims to drive consumer awareness and prevention within communities, while also serving as a valuable resource for health departments, media and others at the local level,” a provided statement reads.
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Flu Detection Goes Mobile with New Device

Flu Detection Goes Mobile with New DeviceBritish firm OJ Bio says it’s ready for trials to begin on a promising new device designed to help identify the presence of flu and possibly other highly contagious illnesses.

The biosensor-based tech holds the potential to not only improve remote diagnosing of flu but also mitigate the accidental over-prescribing of antibiotics (which don’t help in the treatment of the flu).

So how does it work?

When biological samples, from serum, urine, saliva or blood, are applied to the biochip (held in a disposable cartridge), the presence of a disease antigen causes a shift in the phase angle of the surface acoustic wave passing across the chip surface and this is translated into an electronic signal.

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Could Telemedicine Help Halt Growing Number of People Who Get Sick in the Waiting Room?

Could Telemedicine Help Halt Growing Number of People Who Get Sick in the Waiting RoomIt’s an old bromide, but there’s some truth in it: “if you’re not sick when you go to the hospital, you soon will be.”

That’s because places where sick people congregate become incubators of infection for everyone nearby.

Now, according to ABC News, “Some doctors in Tennessee are asking patients with flu-like symptoms not to come into their offices to avoid spreading the virus to other patients in their waiting room. Instead, these doctors are evaluating patients over the phone or on computers as part of something called “telemedicine.”

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Big Data May Fight Deadly New Flu Outbreak

Big Data May Fight Deadly New Flu OutbreakThe headlines out of China are as alarming as they come.

The new flu strain (H7N9 bird flu) making international headlines has already killed 36 people in China and proved resistant to Tamiflu for the first time. For this reason, scientists are deeply concerned with containing the virus and preventing the start of what could be a global pandemic.

To that end, mobile technology, social media, disease tracking apps, and big data itself could be among the most effective resources the medical community has in this critical fight to curtail the flu’s spread.

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How to Avoid Getting The Flu… From Your Mobile Device

You’ve been diligent about washing your hands and avoiding crowds (not to mention that guy in the cubicle across from you who keeps hacking and sneezing).

But somehow you still end up with the flu. How did it happen?

There’s an excellent chance that your mobile phone may have spread the virus to you. Flu germs can survive on the surfaces of a wide variety of materials. So while we sanitize our hands on a regular basis, it turns out we should probably also be sanitizing our mobile phones and tablets.

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