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Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor Stays Ahead of the Beat

Wahoo Fitness has announced that it has created the “first Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor.” This $79.99 device, called the BlueHR, will not hit stores until January, but Wahoo Fitness is already creating hype around its newest device.

Instead of connecting directly to a smartphone or communicating with an additional piece of hardware like the other wireless heart monitors on the market, this native Bluetooth 4.0 Smart device transmits data wirelessly to a smartphone, no extra devices or wires required. Thus, all users have to do is strap the device around their sternum, and they will be able to monitor stats such as their heart rate and the number of calories they are burning via their smartphone.

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mHealth Dominates Bluetooth SIGs “Innovation World Cup” Competition

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is in the midst of holding its 2011 “Innovation World Cup,” — its annual developer contest in which teams develop new products using Bluetooth technology.  Out of more than 330 total submissions nine finalists have now been chosen — of which five are health and fitness related products.

Connectivity is a cornerstone of all mHealth technology, and while NFC and other new-age short-range communication technologies are usually discussed in terms of mHealth implementation, Bluetooth continues to dominate until NFC and the others are proven — as evident in the latest Innovation World Cup.  Here’s a short breakdown of the 5 finalists.  Head over to iMedicalApps for a full review of each.

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