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The Top Health Apps: HealthTap+ Reports on the Doctor-Recommended Health and Medical Apps of 2014

The Top Health Apps HealthTap+ Reports on the Doctor-Recommended Health and Medical Apps of 2014In the very first report that ranks apps based on doctor recommendations, HealthTap+ is naming the ones that get the golden seal of approval from more than 65,000 physicians.

HealthTap+, a company devoted to connecting patients and doctors across mobile devices and personal computers, just released the 2014 AppRx Report.

The report, detailing the top health and medical apps of 2014, analyzed the “best in class” on both Android and iOS, as well as the top apps in 30 designated health categories from heart health to weight loss to pregnancy.

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Mobile Health Care Apps Growing Fast in Number

mhealthThe rate at which mobile health care apps are introduced into the app stores of the world is accelerating very quickly.

According to the latest industry data available, there are presently 31,000 health, fitness, and medical related apps on the market  today.

But not all are of value or potentially even safe. A new report from Health Leaders Media explores this persistent concern in the medical community.

“There are hundreds of apps that really work and are completely legitimate,” explains Mark Anderson, CEO of The AC Group, a healthcare IT consulting firm. “But there are also a lot of apps manufactured by snake oil salesmen who promote them with a lot of misleading information.”

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UnitedHealthcare Debuts “Health4Me” Mobile App for iOS Devices, Coming Soon for Android

Health plan provider UnitedHealthcare has debuted a new mobile app for iOS devices called “Health4Me,” which provides 24/7 access to a registered nurse, a physician/hospital locator, and access to personal health benefits information among other features.

In addition, the new app features “Easy Connect” functionality that allows members to request a callback from a UnitedHealthcare service representative with a touch of  a screen.  Launched now for iOS devices, the new app will be out soon for Android as well.

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Juniper: 44M mHealth Apps to be Downloaded in 2012, 142M+ By 2016

According to new data out from Juniper Research, it’s now estimated that more than 44 million mobile health apps will be downloaded in 2012, growing to more than 142 million by 2016.

According to the research, a majority of the growth will be triggered by the release of FDA regulations on which types of mobile health apps require agency approval; efforts to realize cost savings through remote patient monitoring; and the development of more consumer-focused applications.  “Acceptance of new healthcare practices like remote patient monitoring will come directly from consumers becoming engaged in [mobile health care] through the smartphone,” said Anthony Cox, an author of the report.

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Heart Rate Smartphone App Sees 10 Million Downloads In One Year

It was announced today that “Instant Heart Rate,” a mobile app developed by Azumio that uses biofeedback to monitor your heart rate, has hit 10 million total downloads just a year after launching.

The app, available for iOS and Android, measures a user’s heart rate in only 10 seconds by using their smartphone’s camera and flash to track color changes in the light that passes through the index finger as new blood is delivered with every heartbeat.  Fully and independently tested by nurses, MDs, EMTs and fitness coaches, Instant Heart Rate operates on the same principle as the medical pulse oximeters placed over the fingertip in a doctor’s office for a quick pulse reading. Simply place your finger over the camera lens in your smartphone, hold it steady, and the app will display your current heart rate on the screen in 10 seconds or less with no external sensors required.

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