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Allscripts and MyCareTeam Launch Integrated Diabetes Management System

It’s been announced that Allscripts and MyCareTeam (MCT) have launched a new integrated diabetes management solution that will integrate the latter’s application with Allscript’s Enterprise EHR platform.

Patients will leverage “MCT-Clinical for Diabetes,” which after being combined with Allscript’s Electronic Health Records system, will transmit blood glucose readings directly from patient’s glucose meters, along with blood pressure, weight, vital signs, caloric intake and exercise to a central web-based database.  With the Allscripts integration, this data automatically connects to the Allscripts Enterprise EHR, and can create user-defined alerts that are routed to a diabetes educator, a care manager, a nurse, the patient’s primary care physician or, if serious enough, an endocrinologist.  This process facilitates remote monitoring and coaching, increases user compliance with protocols, and most important, based on early results from UMASS and other studies, reduces hospitalizations.

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Report: Healthcare Organizations Not Prepared to Secure Patient Data

As the healthcare industry turns its focus to new digital and mobile technology, ensuring patient data and other sensitive areas are kept secure has become a major issue for hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

A new report out from PwC claims healthcare companies aren’t as prepared as they should be.  The report, entitled “Old Data Learns New Tricks: Managing Patient Privacy and Security on a New Data-Sharing Playground,” shows that despite advances in electronic health records (EHRs) and security technology, healthcare organizations have yet to adopt privacy measures on a large scale.

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A Case For EHR: HHS Reports Nearly 7.9M Health Records Exposed in Data Breaches

A new report out by the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) proves the need for better organization, regulation and security around sensitive patient health records, a problem digital and mobile technology can help solve.

Since early 2009, there have been more than 30,000 data breaches, affecting nearly 7.9 million people who have had their health records exposed, according to the report.   Thanks to the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, HIPAA-compliant organizations must provide notification to individuals, the Secretary, and sometimes even the media (if more than 500 individuals were affected), of breaches in unsecured health information.

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