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AT&T and Intuitive Health to Pilot Remote Patient Monitoring Solution to Help Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Helping reduce hospital readmissions is a large reasons for bringing digital and mobile health technologies to market, especially ones that allow patients to take more control over their care while at home and after they leave the hospital the first time.

That’s where remote patient monitoring comes in, and numerous companies large and small are entering the race.  It was announced that AT&T is teaming up with Intuitive Health to pilot a home-based remote monitoring solution that helps engage patients and family members in their own care, while seamlessly involving healthcare providers through integration with their clinical information systems.  The end goal for the pilot is to help reduce hospital readmissions and associated healthcare costs, while increasing quality of care and patient satisfaction.

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The Brilliance of Kaiser Permanente – Making the Right Thing Easy to Do

The following is a guest post from Elyse Rossler, National Director, Health at mobileStorm.

With close to 9 million members, treated by 180,000 employees and 16,000 physicians — and as the fifth largest hospital system in the U.S. generating $45 billion a year in revenue — Kaiser Permanente shines.

George Halvorson, CEO and Chairman of Kaiser, gave an inspirational talk to a select audience during the mHIMSS conference in Las Vegas last week.  He outlined KP’s strategy and success very succinctly with simple principles; treat each Kaiser member in totality, with a comprehensive wellness plan, using a toolkit for addressing their health and well being.  KP shies away from treating their members in “silos.”

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California Philanthropists Create $100M Healthcare Investment Fund Focused on “Cutting-edge Healthcare Tech”

It was announced recently that San Diego philanthropists Gary and Mary West have created a new $100 million investment fund focused on promoting “cutting-edge technology in healthcare and reigning in skyrocketing costs.”

Aptly named the “West Health Investment Fund,” the couple will provide investments — typically ranging between $500,000 and $5 million — to companies in the early stages of developing products and services that hold the promise of improving healthcare and reducing costs.  “We see a void in investment funding focused specifically on lowering the cost of healthcare,” Gary West said.  “Venture capital money is not flowing into this sector, so we thought we needed to step up and put our money where our mouth is.”

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