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mHIMSS: 5 FAQs on SMS Text Messaging Implementation in Healthcare

With a lot of ambiguity surrounding how SMS can be properly implemented in healthcare messaging, the folks at mHIMSS have produced an excellent quick-reference guide that covers five frequently asked questions regarding the use of SMS in healthcare.

Covering everything from the technology needed to deploy SMS, to the many regulatory standards associated with SMS and the use of Short Codes, and even including “Personal Health Information (PHI)” within text messages, the doc provides an excellent reference point to those seeking more information on SMS in healthcare.

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TigerText Gets A Boost With $8 Million in New Funding

This week, TigerText Inc., a Santa Monica based secure texting service, received a second round of funding totaling $8.2 million. The company received $2.2 million in seed funding in 2010. This brings the company’s total backing to over $10 million. Easton Capital and New Science Ventures led the Series A investment. A partner from each company, John Friedman from Easton and Somu Subramaniam from New Science Ventures, joined the board of TigerText as part of the funding.

This funding is intended to accelerate the development of TigerText Pro for Business, their messaging platform for corporations. This system is SOX secure, referring to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, and allows users to communicate securely. This can include group messaging sessions about sensitive subjects or keeping an entire mobile salesforce up to date about pricing and policy changes.

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AT&T Debuts Secured Tablet and Secured Mobile Messaging Solutions for Healthcare

It was announced today that AT&T has launched two new initiatives aimed at helping healthcare organizations deploy secure tablet solutions and send secure messaging, all while adhering to strict HIPAA and other regulatory guidelines.

The first solution being introduced is called “AT&T Managed Tablets,” which is touted as a “highly secure, end-to-end management solution bundling software and services with any tablet that is easy to purchase and deploy.  AT&T’s aim with the new managed solution is to help healthcare organizations better regulate the use of tablets by “controlling their introduction into the networked environment, ensuring that the devices have the appropriate security capabilities and can be remotely wiped if the device becomes lost or stolen.”

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University Looks at Effectiveness of Delivering Health Messages via Social, Mobile Channels

Nova Southeastern University, based in Davie, FL has begun a new initiative to test the true effectiveness of delivering health and wellness messages to patients via social media and mobile channels.

The school’s College of Pharmacy recently launched its “Center for Consumer Health Informatics Research” which is spearheading the new research initiative.  The University plans to use consumer health informatics to discover new ways to improve health.  Based on the findings, tips will be distributed to patients through various social media platforms and mobile devices.  Once it’s all said and done, the center will analyze whether those interventions had any tangible impact on patients.

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CellepathicRx Adds Hypertargeted Couponing to its mHealth Solutions for Pharmacies

CellepathicRx, a provider of “HIPAA-compliant, client-branded mHealth solutions,” has announced the addition of hypertargeted retail couponing to its solutions aimed at pharmacies.

The company focuses primarily on mobile messaging solutions aimed at medication adherence, appointment reminders, patient self-reporting and so on — solutions aimed at allowing consumers to have better control over their health and wellness while saving costs for healthcare organizations.  The company leverages a variety of communication channels such as SMS, email, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), QR codes, the mobile Web and mobile apps to deliver relevant messaging to consumers.

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Varolii Debuts Multi-Channel Healthcare Interaction Suite Using Voice, SMS, Email

It was announced during this week’s mHealth Summit that Varolii, a company known for its cloud-based “customer and employee communication” solutions, has debuted a new multi-channel healthcare interaction suite that leverages everything from voice and SMS to email and smartphone capabilities.

Designed to help healthcare organizations lower operational costs and reach patients and members through multi-channel communication, the company’s platform capabilities will be delivered in new, fast-to-deploy applications tailored to the needs of healthcare providers, disease management and wellness organizations, and pharmacy benefit management companies.

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JCAHO Issues Ban on Physician Texting, Signifies Importance of Secure Mobile Communication Outside SMS

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) recently issued a so-called “ban” on physician texting, saying it’s “not acceptable” for medical professionals to communicate patient information via SMS.

In dealing with sensitive medical information, physicians risk violating HIPAA regulations and other security standards by communicating with patients over SMS.  Such violations can be costly and can lead to other repercussions for both the physician and the healthcare organization(s) they represent.  The JCAHO recognized this risk and used it as the basis for its ban on physician texting.  While many in the industry are seeing this as a warning sign to stop mobile communication altogether, it’s actually a step in the right direction to push physicians and healthcare organizations to begin leveraging new-age, fully secure forms of mobile communication.

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