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Universities Team Up to Train Healthcare Pros to Become ‘Health Care Researchers and Leaders’

Universities Team Up to Train Healthcare Pros Become 'Health Care Researchers and Leaders'Earlier this month, a new partnership was forged that aims to help train doctors and nurses to become health care researchers and leaders.

The University of Michigan, University of California Los Angeles, University of Pennsylvania and Yale University are at the core of the partnership.

According to details shared with mHealthWatch, the new initiative will help to educate nurses and physicians together to help them become leaders, researchers, and “change agents” in health care, community health and public policy.

Called the National Clinician Scholars Program, it will train scholars to lead policy-relevant research and catalyze partnerships to improve health and health care. At U-M, the program will be based in the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation, and will be called the IHPI-CSP Program.

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Frost & Sullivan: mHealth App Market to Reach $392M in 2015

Research firm Frost & Sullivan has published a new report that suggests revenue earned from mHealth apps will reach $392M by 2015.

The report, entitled “Analysis of the U.S. Broadband mHealth Applications Market,” said that the mHealth market earned roughly $230M in 2010, and over the next 3 years is expected to expand exponentially as business models and significant value offerings continue to evolve.  The report also makes note of various restrictions on market entry, however, as seen in 2011 with the release of the FDA’s mHealth guidelines.

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Report: Four out of Five Practicing Physicians Use Smartphones, Tablets & Mobile Apps

According to a new report out from Jackson & Coker, some 80% of practicing physicians use smartphones, tablets, mobile apps and “various other mobile devices” in their medical practices.

The new report, entitled Apps, Doctors, and Digital Devices, used research from several supplemental studies that analyzed the use of smartphones, mobile computing devices such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad, and a wide variety of software apps by physicians in different specialties.  As with most digital and mobile technologies that enter the healthcare space, security is the number one concern and one of the largest barriers for most physicians.

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Study: Simple Reminder Calls Significantly Increase Patient Compliance

We talk a lot about mobile reminders within healthcare as a simple but highly effective tool for increasing compliance with everything from medication adherence to doctor’s appointments.  A study recently published by the University Health Network out of Toronto helps reaffirm the effectiveness of the concept.

The University carried out a one-year clinical trial of BP monitors for patients with diabetic hypertension to see how reminder systems can truly impact compliance.  A total of 110 patients were used in the study with each receiving a home BP monitor and a Blackberry smartphone to transmit data back to researchers.  However, only 55 in the experimental group received a special app that provided reminder calls when they didn’t measure their BP at least three times per week.  Those in the control group had a monitor, but were simply asked to take readings, with no automatic follow-up.

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